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Review: Mad Will’s Chiptole Tequila Hot Sauce

Mad Will’s Food Co.- Chipotle Tequila Hot Sauce
Mad Will's Chipotle Tequila Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: None

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Soy Sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), chipotle peppers (peppers, water, vinegar, carrots, onions, sesame oil, salt, spices), lime juice, molasses, garlic, honey, dehydrated onion, tomato paste, natural flavors, tequila, spices, garlic powder, xantham gum.

A sample bottle. Ingredients and additional info.

Appearance: Dark brown and extremely thick looking, like molasses or BBQ sauce.

Smell: Sweet like molasses and honey and smokey garlicky. Interestingly the scent of the dehydrated onion gives this scent a lot of character. A tad bit of pepper scent but really all in all this sauce is going to strike you as sweet.

Consistency: Very thick flow but luckily this sauce will not clog the bottle.

Taste: Have you ever had Cornuts? More specifically Chile Picante Cornuts? Well take that flavor and add the sweet, smokey and mellow flavor of molasses and you have the taste of this sauce.
This sauce comes on to your palate very sweet. Sweet but not saccharine. Then a smokey sensation comes through bringing forth an onion and garlic taste. This is all bolstered on the shoulders of the sesame oil, which is a highly effective flavor for this sauce. This sauce definitely gets props for being something I’ve never tasted before. The chipotle flavor works itself occasionally to your tongue but is not the focus of the sauce. If you try really hard you can taste the tequila, which is covered under a mountain of flavor.

(6.2/10) Not very hot at all.

Field Test: I tested this sauce like I would a BBQ sauce but the sweetness of the sauce doesn’t quite match beef. I had much more success with chicken breasts and leaner cuts of pork. This sauce is good but doesn’t balance well with a very savory cut of meat. The flavors tend to duke it out and your taste buds end up in the middle of it all.

Final Word: This [tag]hot sauce[/tag] took me by surprise because it’s a taste that I have never tried. And unlike many sauces where sweetness becomes overwhelming and ends up being a major downside to the sauce, this sauce manages to use it to deliver a smokey and mellow sugary flavor that is almost perfect. This sauce doesn’t really belong in the realm of hot sauces but leans more toward the realm of [tag]BBQ sauces[/tag]. Regardless, it stands apart from many sauces and is the most complex tasting sauce I’ve had in quite a while.

9.0/10 Specific application, but what it goes on will be delicious.

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