Posted April 14, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Mary’s Gourmet Foods Sassy Pepper Blend – Hot!

Mary’s Gourmet Foods Sassy Pepper Blend
Mary's Gourmet Sassy Pepper Blend

This is another rub that came in from the Fiery Food show. Coming up behind the review of Slap Ya Mama spice rub, this rub has a tough act to follow.

Coming in at a 5.5oz bottle this definitely isn’t a heavy weight in terms of volume. The overall appearance from a few feet away is decent in terms of rubs but won’t win itself any awards.

What is very impressive is the ingredients list”¦.

Ingredients: Pepper (white and black), Jalapeno, red and green bell pepper, chili, chipotle, habanero, mumbassa, salt, spices.

As you can see it is very heavy on the peppers and salt ranks second from last. Quite a breath of fresh air when it comes to dry rubs. Like most rubs, this container comes with a dispensing option. Restrained or unrestrained. I tried the unrestrained feature for the field test, but the actual size of the particles would not fit through. On the other side, it was quite the opposite. I had flecks of peppers and spices flying everywhere.

Now the field test for this is a monstrous 3lb steak. Should be enough for dinner for the two of us and maybe a steak salad for the Mrs. the next day. It took some time prepping this steak to get even consistency, but with a little bit of patience the steak was covered up quite nicely. The whole time though I must warn you that you will get that itch in your nose to sneeze. This rub from smell alone is very fragrant to get your mouth watering, but will still tell you to be somewhat cautious should you decide to be adventurous and add that extra sprinkle. It also warned me as to what to expect once I got this on the grill.

Mary's Gourmet Sassy Pepper Blend

The overall flavour is incredible. Thankfully the main flavours that shone through were strictly the peppers. Each one being distinct in it own right. And believe me this rub is chock full of straight on pepper flavour and you will find them pronounced in the same order as they are listed on the ingredients list. The habanero is there to give it a small kick in heat but this is by no means very spicy. Also the salt is barely noticeable which is nice for those that are concerned with sodium.

This is a truly different rub in terms of flavour and texture. You have a rub focused on peppers and not salt. It is very course at times that gives food a definite enhancement visually and fine enough to cover generously.

Packaging 8/10
Aroma 9.2/10
Appearance 9.5/10
Taste 9.6/10
Heat 3.8/10

Manufactured by:
Mary’s Gourmet Foods Inc.