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Review: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

Baby Thats Hot: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

Baby Thats Hot: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

Me So Hot is a rich peanut-ginger-soy hot sauce. Different from any other hot sauce you have ever had, and you may decide you can never live without a jar in the fridge. Add to your asian dish to add a kick of heat, or add to plain chicken or beef to add the asian flavor.

In honor of the Hot Sauce Haiku Contest, the first review here on the HSB of a Baby Thats Hot Brand Hot Sauce has been pushed up on the review schedule. And for those that don’t want to read the whole review, let me give you the quick one line summary: It has peanut butter in it and I love it. (sorry to giving away the ending)

Ingredients: Rice vinegar, peanut oil, soy sauce, peanut butter, peppers, garlic, ginger, seasame oil, salt & spices.

Mike was kind enough to send us a few sauces for review and after sending the other out to the reviewers, I settled upon the jar of Me So Hot. After reading the ingredients I was sold on the sauce – peanut butter is one of my favorite food groups so this may be a little biased in that respect.

Appearance: The jars are small – only 4oz – but this adds to the distinctive nature of the bottle. The jars are wide mouthed and the labels are great. Simple & effective packaging.

Smell: Smells like any Thai peanut sauce, the vinegar is there but not at the front of the line.

Flavor then Fire

First Taste: Actually, since the jars are so wide mouthed and the sauce is thinner then most, the first taste happened when I opened the jar and spilled it on my hands – couldn’t waste the sauce so I licked it of the fingers. Mmmm good. Me So Hot has three layers for your taste bud pleasure. First, you get the assualt of the rice vinegar & soy sauce, followed by the mellowing tones of the peanut butter & the flavor of the ginger. All of these are then cleaned up by the heat of the peppers. After swallowing (yes, drinking from the jar) the flavor rescinds and the heat begins. It builds to a nice crescendo, almost bringing a tear to the eyes.

Baby Thats Hot: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

Field Test: I liked this sauce so much without food that I didn’t want to muddle it up with anything major so I simply cooked up some plain white rice and let the sauce work it’s magic. Plain rice & hot sauce has never tasted so good.

Conclusion: Let me the first to predict that Baby Thats Hot Brand Hot Sauces will be winning a few awards in the next year or so (if they enter contests). If the other sauces are even 1/2 as good as Me So Hot, then we’ll definately have another strong brand of hot sauces on our hands. (reviews of those coming soon). With 8 flavor varieties, Mike is sure to have a sauce that you’ll fall in love with. And at only $4.99 a jar, these are some gourmet sauces with prices that are easy to swallow.

The only problems I have with the sauce is the propensity for spillage (due to the wide mouth jars & thin sauce) and the small jars. The more I spill, the less I have to eat and when it’s a small jar to start with it doesn’t bode well for someone with my consumption level of hot sauce. Not when it’s a sauce that I’ll gladly drink directly out of the jar…

Run, don’t walk, over to Mikes site and pick yourself up a few jars of his sauces – just be sure to tell him the HSB sent you.

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