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Review: Monty’s Death Lizard Extract Hot Sauce

Review: Monty’s Death Lizard Extract Hot Sauce
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Initial thoughts: Well on a Monday night after missing a Defcon Weekend there is nothing really much to do except think about the extract wings that I missed over in MA this past weekend. I been under the weather lately and really out of energy, tired, and feeling light headed. So I decided let’s get some extract sauce in me ASAP. I grabbed a look at my unopened stock of hot sauces and I came across Monty’s Gourmet Foods Death Lizard. I never had a product by this company before so I figured why not and go for the gold with trying their extreme sauce. I was really excited about trying a new company! I am thinking that this sauce will be hot, but not as hot as some of the other extract sauces on the market such as Blair’s or Dave’s. The idea is based on the fact I am unable to see black extract oil on the surface of the sauce or anywhere else in the bottle. I am thinking this might be as hot as kick ass’ spontaneous combustion but perhaps with a better flavor since it seems not to be as watery, indicating more pepper content. I am thinking that it is a hot extract sauce that I will be able to do alot of and get a decent burn. For you amateurs though I will get back to you and let you know if you should play it safe or not.

Ingredients: Chile Peppers (may contain Habanero Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Red Savina Habanero Peppers, Red Peppers), Onion, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Tomato Paste, Garlic & Spices, Chili Extract.

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Visual: Monty’s Death Lizard comes in the standard 5 oz. bottle that we all envision of every night while laying down to sleep. The label goes from red to lighter shades of red on the front and has one streak of white in it. Towards the back of the label is a smokey brown red color that reminds of CaJohn’s Ace or HDH sauce. The sauce has a deep red/brownish color to it. I am able to see small pieces of garlic and onion in it. It’s consistency seems to be just a tad bit thicker than a puree sauce which make it good for both cooking and just adding on top of something, as I am about to do with my tacos. On the front of the label is this evil looking lizard that is dressed in a gray cloak holding a harvesting sickle. He is the Lizard GrimReaper of Hot Sauces! He has nasty little red beety eyes that remind me of the eyes that was seen by the little girl in the Amityville Horror movie. There is a warning that says “This sauce should not be consumed. It will do great harm to all who try it. Do not give this sauce to children, pets, the elderly, people with heart problems, people with ulcers, people without ulcers. In fact, just put this bottle down and walk away… Quickly” Well it looks like me and the Lizard are in for some battle tonight because there is no way in hell I am walking away!!

Aroma: Well it is now time to do what I do best. I crack the seal and actually get down and dirty. I am shaking the lizard by the tail and hoping this lizard is the pick of the litter out of the bayou. I open up the cap and a strong tomato extract odor. It is not the strongest of extract flavors but it is enough to tell you this one is not to be taken lightly by amateurs. There is a small trace of garlic but I am unable to pick up on the scent of any lime juice or onions. If I wave my hand over the bottle to my nose there is a small trace of a chili pepper smell. Right now I am thinking this lizard might have me where I want to be!! Under some capsaicin pain!

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Application: I was feeling tired coming home from borders book store and I was getting hungry. I had to play a little chess vs. some of the regulars that stopped in so my mind was scattered so cooking was out of the question. I stopped off at taco bell. I picked up some crunchy normal tacos with chicken instead of beef. No it’s not that I am scared of E.coli, since the breakout here was pretty bad, but it’s just that I prefer chicken in my tacos vs. beef. Plus I save some calories too! I figured the Lizard would be good on tacos because I am someone that prefers them to be really hot. I probably enjoy my tacos hotter than my wings, which is a scary fact and sight sometimes, (right Defcon?)

A fairly decent amount is placed on the chicken taco so let’s find out how this lizard tastes! After the 1st bite I didn’t notice too much heat, but I think that is due to my tolerance. I don’t recommend so much of this on a taco to anybody new in the field of hot sauces or chilis. The flavor after the 2nd bite wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I really didn’t taste too many extracts, but on the other hand I really didn’t notice too much of a pepper flavor either. Heat did kick in which was good and that’s how I like my tacos. After finishing the taco I did feel a little zing for sure. It has the extract burn but without the extract flavor. Don’t get me wrong it is noticeable but there are many other sauces on the market that have a much more metallic taste. Not this one though.

Final Thoughts: This sauce is not bad if you are looking for some decent heat that won’t totally blow you away. You chiliheads won’t do some bad with this one. If you are rookie this is a great sauce to have at your parties!Also, the nasty extract flavor isn’t distinct as other extract sauces are. If you are looking for natural pepper flavor though, you will have to pass this lizard up and go to another bayou. Perhaps try Hungry Hawg of Lousiana Co. They have some pretty good tasting lizard products running around the bayou’s down there! If you want to add heat without changing the flavor to a cooked dish this a sauce to do it. This sauce is a stepstoning for those who are looking to increase their tolerance level to extracts.

Packaging 7/10
Aroma 6/10
Taste 6/10
Appearance 8/10
Heat 10/10

Overall 7

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