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Review: Monty’s Gourmet Foods – Fire Lizard Habanero Hot Sauce

Monty's Fire Lizard Habanero Hot Sauce
Monty’s Gourmet Foods- Fire Lizard Habanero Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: Monty’s Fire Lizard Habanero Hot Sauce is a masterful blend of all natural ingredients. Red Savina habanero Peppers have been identified as the hottest peppers in the world. Enjoy the Burn!

Peppers (may contain Red Savina Habanero, Red Habanero), Vinegar, Horseradish, Ginger, Other Spices, Xanthan Gum.

Container: Bottle doesn’t look like it is being marketed to chile heads but rather “gourmet food” shoppers. Looks like a bottle of hot sauce from Whole Foods. Fancy fonts mixed with “edginess” from the badass lizard.

Dark brown with a few seeds, opaque, this stuff has been blended a lot t make a thick sauce.

Smell: Peppers and vinegar play together nicely and do not overwhelm the olfactory senses like many sauces do (vinegary ones). There’s a hint of horseradish and ginger that also gives it a bit of a bite but the overall smell is rather tame.

Taste: My initial thought is that there was a bit too tangy, the vinegar and peppers are a little sour. On second taste they are complemented well by the horseradish and ginger. The ginger really comes through after the peppers and vinegar and such a strong ginger flavor is not something I have encountered very often.

Heat: (7.2/10) this sauce will give you a light scorch. It won’t light you.

Field Test: This sauce is an excellent addition to any food that is already tart. This sauce works well with tomato based sauces. I wouldn’t recommend that you put this stuff on your lunch if it’s a burrito or fries because the taste of ginger and horseradish do not exactly mesh well with those foods. You’ll have to experiment to your liking but I found this sauce delicious on eggs and tomatoes.

Final Word: Temperamental sauce but tasty.


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