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Review: Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce

Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot SAuce

This was a gift from my wife. She picked it up at Hot Licks in San Diego. She called me from the store and told me they didn’t have any of the sauces I had requested; no Mild to Wild, no CSIGI, no Fat Kid sauces and no THT. Come to find out she only wrote down the first three sauces assuming they would have one of them. Hot Licks did actually have THT.

I had my wife read off the ingredients to me: Roasted Habaneros, vinegar, salt. Short and sweet! No preservatives, no extracts, I’ll take it.

Now not having a visual of the label, I imagined a Grizzly Adams looking character with a habanero in his pipe or something like that. Instead, it has the silhouette of a mountain climber ascending a sheer vertical, sun shining behind him, framed on two sides with the word Mountainman. In the middle of the label is a graphic somewhat resembling a habanero. A clean and simple label. I can’t help but notice that the nutritional facts are conspicuously missing!?! Aren’t they required? A ‘some like it hotline’ is listed, but it seems like it has a grammatical error ““ “and hotter that you can’t find it”¦” Maybe that’s how they wanted it to read.

Now, when you open this sauce, you are in for a treat from the word go. The aroma is smoky, vinegar habanero. The consistency is that of syrup, while the appearance is dark reddish brown with small, thin curls of pepper skin, seeds and flecks of charred pepper suspended in it.

Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot SAuce
W/ Jalapeño Bread

Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot SAuce
W/ Pork Pot Pie

Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot SAuce
W/ Steak Quesadilla

The flavor is a rich smoky habanero with a bit of vinegar finish and decent heat. As for heat, I would give it a 6. This is my current favorite sauce. Unfortunately, it died within two days of entering my house. I let my sons try it, big mistake!! I fought them off until the last half inch, which they finished off over Cheez-Its. I put this on everything I could get my hands on. Even at $10 per bottle, I will definitely be buying more of them.

Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot SAuce
W/ Cheez-Its

Catskill Mountain Specialties, Inc.
127 Church Hill Rd
Eddyville, NY 12401