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Review: Nagasoreass Hot Sauce

Nagasoreass Hot Sauce
I was really exited about reviewing this sauce. I have only had a few sauces with nagas in them and they haven’t seemed that hot to me, I figured it was because of a small amount of nagas. This sauce says on the label “the extractaceous period is over welcome to the jolokiazoic” so I really expected great things! I know the nagas are around 1mill shu and I don’t figure the sauce will be that hot because there are other ingredients, but I was hoping for about ½ mill or so. And it’s definitely not that hot. I opened it up and smelled it and it smelled like canned tomato juice. (the kind you would use for galosh or chili.) I poured a little on a chip and got the same thing from the taste of it. it reminded me of something my grandma used to make called macaroni and tomato juice, which only has 2 ingredients and the title pretty much covers it. I didn’t taste vinegar or garlic, or really anything except tomatoes, and a little bit of the peppers. The tomatoes are definitely the dominant flavor. There can be a lot of different flavors that are described by tomatoes; fresh tomatoes taste completely different than canned tomato juice, or cooked tomatoes, which are more of a marinara flavor. This sauce tasted like tomato juice to me. The burn does not hit you until you eat a little more of it, and it starts to build. After a half bottle of sauce on my chicken I was a little disappointed with the heat level. It’s not that it isn’t hot, but to me it didn’t seem a whole lot hotter than some of the red savina sauces I have had. After a few more meals with this sauce, (pizza, and nachos) I realized that the true power of the nagas is in how long the burn lasts.

Nagasoreass Hot Sauce
Nagasoreass Hot Sauce
this sauce went great on everything I tried it on, the pictures show chicken and pizza, but I also had it on potatoes, eggs, and nachos.

Nagasoreass Hot Sauce
Flavor: 9.5/10 it’s a very simple flavor which is why it would go good on so many different types of food, yet it is also very delicious. I will definitely buy more of this one and it may even end up being a regular in my fridge.

Heat: I was disappointed with the heat, but I was also expecting extract levels of heat. It is not an extract sauce and im rating it as a non extract sauce when I give it a 8.5/10. I personally haven’t found any naga sauces to be all that they where hyped up to be, it could just be me and my taste buds, but I give it credit for the long lasting burn. One other thing I need to mention is that the burn from the half bottle and the burn from a tablespoon didn’t seem to be much apart for me, the first just seemed to last longer.

Label: I don’t always rate the label just because it’s the stuff on the inside that counts, the only time I do this is if the label really stands out to me and I have something to say about it. When I do rate it the rating will have nothing to do with the overall rating, because overall I’m just rating the sauce. That said I love this label! If you didn’t notice the teeth, tongue, and claws are peppers. Both the novelty soreass version (what I got) and the saurus are great looking labels.

Smell: the flavor and the smell are the same, nothing stands out more in one than in the other. 9.5/10

Overall: 9.6/10 I highly recommend it!

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