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Review: Nando’s Extra Hot Pepper Sauce

Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri Hot Sauce

I remember this sauce back in the day when I used to visit Nando’s at a local food court. It wasn?t hot then. It definitely isn’t hot know. Nando’s has this sauce at the top of their heat chart. If Nando’s is trying to compete with the Frank’s and Tabasco’s then they are on the right track. If they want to compete with Hatari, CaJohn, or Scotty B’s…well then they have to up the ante when it comes to a premium sauce.

For the mainstream taste buds though this is a good sauce. And people who want a step up from Frank’s or Tabasco then they will love this. It has enough kick to round up herd mentality taste buds and zing em good.

At best this will make do in a pinch. I put some (by some I mean a lot) in some rice and vegetables and had to go back for more. It has a very nice flavour, I will give it that.

Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Lemon Puree, Salt, Serrano Peppers, African Birds Eye Peppers (Peri-Peri), Sunflower Oil (3%), Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Xantham Gum, Garlic Pieces.

Thankfully this isn’t the chemical catastrophe that their hot marinade listed out for me. I am back in familiar territory and maybe that is why I enjoy this sauce. I won’t give up any of my other great sauces for this but like I said it will make do in a pinch. There is flavour aplenty but they have kept it bland enough to make this sauce versatile. Weird I know but if you try it you will see what I mean.The burn is quite decent

As for the overall heat, the burn is quite decent. Lingers for a bit at the top of the mouth but doesn’t scorch going down. I could safely put this in middle of the medium level of hot category. If this is the hottest Nando’s is willing to go then they are playing it safe.

I wouldn’t rush out to get this but there is nothing I can say to knock it either. It has decent flavour, a nice colour and is an all around good sauce. I say it give it a try if that is all your big chain supermarket has to offer.

Packaging 7/10 – Like I have said – better colours needed to help identify this sauce in a line-up
Aroma 7/10 – Peppery
Appearance 7/10 – Red
Taste 7/10 – Good
Heat 6/10 – Nice burn – but not too hot

Overall 7/10

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