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Review: Organic Harvest Foods – Habanero Pepper Sauce

Organic Harvest Foods Habanero Pepper Sauce

After seeing Newman’s dismal review of the Wizard’s organic hot sauce I decided to crack open an organic sauce I had around and give it a try.

100% Organic Ingredients: Ripened habanero peppers, red ripened jalapeño peppers, apple cider vinegar, vinegar, salt.

Oh no, two types of vinegar! Could I be in trouble where all I would taste is vinegar, vinegar and more vinegar? The bottle appears bright red, meaning my peppers are packed inside and had uniformity inside the bottle. This of course eased my worries.

Organic Harvest Foods Habanero Pepper Sauce

The food of choice for this sauce will be homemade pizza made on the barbecue. Superb would be the word of choice for the pizza on its own without the sauce, so how did is fare with sauce? Surprisingly enough it held its ground. You can taste the habaneros but not so much the jalapeños. The vinegar does not overpower the sauce or force it to be runny. It surprised me in every way including the heat. It added to the heat without taking away from my pizza. I would use this sauce again and recommend it to anyone who is looking to go organic without loosing the sauce.

Appearance ““ 8/10
Consistency ““ 7.5/10
Heat ““ 7/10
Taste ““ 7.8/10

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