Posted May 8, 2007 by clint in Reviews

Review: Pepper Pete’s – Mean & Green Hot Sauce

Pepper Pete’s- Mean & Green
Pepper Pete's Mean & Green Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: The devilish, but pleasantly nice tasting, hot sauce will make your friends’ tables green with envy. The only thing mean about it is, once you try it, you are addicted to it for life. From tacos to scrambled eggs, your food never tasted so good! 2006 2nd place Amateur Fiery Foods Scovie Award

Ingredients: Fresh roasted jalapeno peppers and other selected peppers, distilled vinegar, fresh garlic, natural spices.

Container: I’m going to be honest. I don’t like this label at all. BUT of course labels don’t make the sauce. Still the black and green don’t exactly say heat and mean. Maybe throw some red in there. I dunno I’m no artist.

Appearance: Green with large pieces of skin and peppers floating about.

Ahh smokey jalapenos indeed and the nice punch of garlic makes this a sauce that is quite easy on the olfactory bulb (smell doohickies). The vinegar is light and airy. Nice complement.

Consistency: I usually don’t include this section because most sauces have the relatively same consistency but this stuff is thicker than the average rabid Oprah fan. Expect a fair amount of shaking to get this on your food. Not a minus, I like a sauce that sticks to my food in a clump then running all over the place.

Taste: Ahhhh that’s why it’s so thick. Full kick to the mouth of the taste of the peppers. Combined with the vinegar, the sauce is really pretty tart. The garlic and spices try to complement but the full pepper flavor steals the show.

Heat: 7.8/10 Sure it may be jalapenos but its got a decent bit of kick. I’m swigging it from the bottle right now so it may just be that.

Field Test: I tried this stuff with a nice tasty piece of KFC regular recipe. Fantastic. The sodium in the chicken balances the tartness of the sauce a lot so there isn’t the overwhelming tartness of the peppers. I highly suggest going with food that has a decent salt content when using this sauce. Used it on eggs straight and it wasn’t as successful until I added the NaCl.

Final Word: Pepper Pete’s – Mean & Green Hot Sauce is a good sauce that needs some salt. I don’t like the label but who cares. Enjoy the taste.

Overall: 8.0/10