Posted January 24, 2008 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Peppermaster – Habanero Black Pepper

PepperMaster Habanero Black Pepper

PepperMaster is slowly, thankfully, pulling itself away from being known as a “hot sauce” company. Having tried most of their products I can say they are a culinary essential for those that aren’t adept to foraying into experimentation or do not have experience to make advanced sauces, marinades, salts, sugars etc”¦”¦

PepperMaster Habanero Black Pepper

These Black Peppercorns ““ or to be exact, Tellicherry Peppercorns are infused with Habanero. And like Peppermaster’s sugar and salt, what you are getting here is an unabashed, unequivocally superior product that touts its exact intent. Pair this with a decent peppermill, and a dish of your choice and you will be blown away. You like black pepper? Well you get it here. In all its flavourful glory. You want heat coupled with a subtle taste of hab’s? Well look no further. After initially trying this straight at the One of A Kind Show I was blown away by the simplicity and harmony of the taste as well as the complexity of the process used to make this.

PepperMaster Habanero Black Pepper

There is virtually no dish that this product can’t touch. From salads, meats, pasta you name it. There is nothing to interfere with the black pepper taste you love and has all the added heat you crave. You may question as to hot it is”¦.but rest assured this packs a decent wallop for chiliheads and the uninitiated should be warned.

A new kitchen essential.

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