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Review: Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

Ingredients: fresh scotch bonnet peppers, fresh scallions, fresh onions, fresh garlic, fresh leeks, fresh ginger, coconut cream, cider vinegar, tellicherry peppercorns, honey, cornstarch, sea salt, spices

Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

I recently acquired the Peppermaster gift box which contains 14 sauces, one seasoned salt, and one spicy sugar. They are all 45ml and are enough to get you through a dinner for two and give you a really good idea at the scope and variety that Peppermaster has available.

The smell of this jerk curry was both intense and extremely aromatic as soon as the lid was popped off. This is some serious sauce and the most authentic I have smelt out side of a West Indies restaurant.

The sauce is thick but spread out well when I put the chicken breasts in to be marinated. The colour is what you expect from a jerk sauce so we won’t be throwing any parties for it.

Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

It was great see that when I was grilling these up it didn’t smoke or get all charred. It generated quite an amazing smell throughout the condo. If I was too change anything I would have left some sauce over to throw on top afterwards. I would have also marinated the chicken the night before. The end result though was still a fully flavoured jerk chicken breast that tastes as close to its roots as you can get. I guess for Greg Brooks growing up in the Caribbean helps quite a bit to add to this sauces authenticity.

Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

As for the heat. Well Peppermaster ranks this at a 9 on the their heat scale. I have tried their 10’s and they are quite hot. So I would question the 9 heat level on this. It was more like a 3, 4 tops but that does not deter how amazing this sauce is.

You can feel quite comfortable sharing this sauce with friends without them screaming for milk. It would also make an excellent dip for some samosas and other finger foods as well.

Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc,
Rigaud, QC
J0P 1P6