Posted December 31, 2005 by John in Reviews

Review: Peppermaster Red Pepper Jelly

Peppermaster Red Pepper Jelly

After loving my first experience with Peppermaster’s fine Hurricane Mash, I was extremely excited to sample another of their offerings, Red Pepper Jelly.

Ingredients: Sugar, Apples, Fresh Chili Peppers, Spanish Onion, Vinegar, citric acid, apple pectin, spices

That’s a lot of sweet in the ingredients list! Clocking in at 5 out of 10 on their heat scale, I expected a little heat and a lot of sugary flavor.

On First Taste
The consistence is very jelly like, smooth, shiny and easy to spread. The apple flavor comes on strong with a lot of sweetness, and a mild heat comes on later. The big chunks of pepper in the sauce are a big plus. This is definitely a breakfast condiment, or anyplace else you’d use jelly. The jelly tastes fresh, like something homemade, and though the heat is low the flavor makes up for it.

On Food
I feel like this jelly would be the perfect compliment to some great potato pancakes. However, since I can’t make good potato pancakes for my life, and it’s a long way to the nearest good Polish restaurant, I decided to settle on a typical breakfast usage, a toasted roll.

Peppermaster Red Pepper Jelly

The jelly went great with the bread. The apple flavor is really delicious, and the spices bring out a lot of additional flavor, though I can’t identify them precisely. This is a morning treat worth looking forward to. And I bet it would make one heck of a good spicy Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

Peppermaster’s Red Pepper Jelly came in with a big reputation to uphold, and stood in admirably. It’s a fine tasting condiment that’d be at home on any chilihead’s breakfast table, or used to add a touch of heat anywhere jelly is required.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10