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Review: Purgatory Out of Body Experience

Purgatory Out of Body Experience

Purgatory Out of Body ExperienceIngredients: Cayenne, scotch bonnet and thai peppers with vinegar, spices and salt.

Purgatory Out of Body Experience is NOT a very hot sauce. I think my husband could eat it! It is very sort of Tex Mex in flavour. Excellent to top pizza, fajitas, tacos. I liked it on a plain tortilla chip but it is too mild for flavoured chips.

The initial smell is a mix of cumin and tomato sauce…. No vinegar, not much pepper. The taste is the same… a small hit of heat, with a strong cumin flavour. The ingredients list just mentions cayenne, scotch bonnet, and Thai peppers, pureed with vinegar and spices and salt. It’s not overly salty…. or overly hot. The Scotch Bonnets must be minimal. But it is very tasty ….

I loved it on pizza. Definitely not for the heat seekers, but a nice sauce that really adds a lot of flavour on food, and includes a recipe for wings on the side, with an offer to write for more recipes.

I would buy it again.

Nick Lindauer

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