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Review: Rectum Ripper – XXX1/2 Hot Sauce w/ Mustard & Ginger

Rectum Ripper Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: No matter how bad or good you think you are, everything you do for now on, after using RECTUM RIPPER, will be “half ass”. So be careful using this very delicious, very hot, mustard and ginger sauce, Because the RECTUM RIPPER will send your ass to an early grave.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, apply cider, vinegar, crushed tomatoes, key lime juice, clam juice, worchestershire, honey, carrots, mustard, ginger, garlic in water, onions, spices, tic gum.

Container: Nothing wrong with the label or bottle but”¦Rectum Ripper? Well maybe this sauce will be as good as it’s sister sauces. Eyeball Gouger and Penis Smasher.

Appearance: Normal hot sauce looking but a light brown rather than a strong red or brown. Seeds float about and so to pepper flakes.

Smell: You can smell hints of ginger and the habaneros but I don’t really sense any strong mustard smell. The worchestershire makes itself known, you’ll get a nose-full of it when you take a long hard sniff.

Taste: The name of the sauce comes through on the first taste. Part 1, you get hit with a noticeable but not a strong taste of the mustard and ginger combined which is different for a hot sauce but works well. Part 2, a rather large dose of worchestershire, cider and vinegar hit your palette pretty hard. Part 3, the sauce’s taste culminates in a generous amount of the regular garlic, pepper and salt flavors that I’m more accustomed to.

Heat: (8.6/10) Pretty damn hot but not unbearable. Definitely not a newbie sauce.

Field Test: The ginger and mustard limits the use of this sauce. I would but it on food that is relatively singular in taste. This sauce doesn’t fare well on food items with complex tastes like a burrito with all the fixings. However it’s pretty damn good on a piece of beef or chicken. Add this sauce to anything that needs a little flavor.

Rectum Ripper Hot Sauce

Final Word: A good sauce but I think that the worchestershire tends to overpower the overall taste of the sauce. You really don’t get a lot of ginger and mustard and I believe it’s kind of misleading to call it that. I think it should be marketed as a hot as hell worchestershire hot sauce.

Overall: 7.9/10. Tastes pretty good but the name is misleading and this sauce can be situational.

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