Posted April 20, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Robbqsauce and Rub

I was introduced to Rob through a publication that stated he was up and coming in the BBQ sauce department. Being close by I decided to contact Rob and see if he was up for providing me samples for the HSB. He quickly obliged and thanks to that, anyone that tries this sauce will be thankful that I knocked on his door.


Quite simply Rob has created an outstanding BBQ sauce. Not only has he created an original type of BBQ sauce, he has managed to find one that can double up as a very versatile condiment. From adding it to a salsa to adding it to a pasta dish. There is enough tomato, onion and garlic in there to make this a must have in the kitchen. The blend of herbs and spices are what really knocks this sauce into its own.

The original BBQ sauce has just about no heat. Which is fine as this is what was intended. Just because it doesn’t have any heat doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a wallop of flavour. For his Spicy BBQ sauce he has added chipotle chili’s (I don’t have the ingredients list but it is quite apparent). While the heat kicks it up to a mild-medium at best it certainly is memorable.

For someone just starting off in the business I give Rob a lot of credit. Yes he does need to get some labels done and if there I one specific thing I would critique about the sauce is that it has to lose its chunkiness a bit. There is no mistaking that this is BBQ sauce, but the consistency has to gain a smoother texture.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a sauce like this. He has created something that is garnering a reputation based on great BBQ flavouring rather than trying to see how smoky it can be or how much bourbon can be packed in before the feds label it a beverage. The demand for his BBQ sauce has been great thus far.

The field test was a spoon straight out of the jar and then some chicken. No matter what you put this stuff on it is going to taste great. It coats food well, has a uniqu taste that is memorable. Again it could be a bit smoother, but I am sure this will come as Rob revisits the recipe.

I found overall “Spicy” to be much better than the original. For people who find regular black pepper they would enjoy the original as it contains virtually no heat.


Now the rub that Rob has created is another masterpiece. It has that BBQ tangy mouth watering aroma that it is hard to describe. I think my hot sauce Hottie said it best “WOW”. Indeed! This is silky smooth powder that was meant for meat.


Throughout the cooking process the rub stuck to the wings and when they came out, they gave the wings a nice crispy texture with very bold flavour. Heat is still at a minimum but the flavour in incredible.

If you are interested in trying this sauce you can contact Rob at

Original BBQ Sauce

Packaging NA
Aroma 9/10
Appearance 7.5/10
Taste 7.8/10
Heat 1/10

Dry Rub

Packaging NA
Aroma 9.8/10
Appearance 10/10
Taste 9.8/10
Heat 2/10

Overall 9.8/10