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Review: Rub Me the Right Way Sweet Rub

Rub Me the Right Way Sweet RubWhat’s Black, White and Red? No, it is not a Skunk with Diaper rash. It is the colours of the Three Hot Tamales.

I think have figured out the Three Hot Tamales. You see, every product they make is named appropriately. Whether it is Garlic Lovers Steak Sauce or the main focus of this review, Rub Me the Right Way Sweet Rub. No reference to a bleeding torn anus or a Mother F***ing Hot Sauce that is hotter than everything else out there. The THT’s are honest, to the point and back up every one of their products with a taste de force in every bottle.

What is left to say about the Three Hot Tamales. Everything they touch turns to gold. The red, white and black labels have become synonymous with great, bold flavors. Sure, I think they could use a touch up for the logo but at this stage, who cares. I will give one warning prior to the use of this rub. Shake it well”¦”¦.shake it very well. The spices tend to cluster together with each other. A couple good quick shakes will take care of that.

A top notch rubThis rub looks great. You can see all the ingredients listed. At first the rub almost looks like a confectionary for a desert. I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be used for that as well. The aroma is strong and powerful and doesn’t lie about what you are getting into here.

If you are looking for heat stay away from this. There isn’t any and there are many rubs out there that can take care of that for you. If it is sweetness and over the top flavour you want than this is for you. The THT deliver in spades here.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Kosher Salt, Chili Powder, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Onion Powder, Spanish Paprika, Garlic Powder, Cinnamon

So far I have used this on some ribs. I put it in the tomato juice water as it was boiling and then gave the ribs a nice light coat of the rub. This has also become a new favorite on popcorn. The delicate balance of all the ingredients make this a top notch rub.

While it won’t replace all my rubs due to it being quite sweet it will find a permanent place in the kitchen.

Packaging 9/10 ““ Identity, Identity, Identity, these girls have done it
Aroma 9/10 ““ Sweet, aromatic, welcoming
Appearance 10/10 ““ desert like, fragile
Taste 9/10 ““ very sweet but appropriate ““ maybe a bit too much cinnamon
Heat 1/10 ““ No discernable heat

Overall 9.2/10 ““ Remarkable sweet rub for those who don’t want the heat

Three Hot Tamales LLC
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