Posted April 17, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: SC2500 Jalapeno Hot Sauce

SC2500 Jalapeno Hot Sauce

How did this happen? With all the hands that this passed through, how could a sauce that looks like it is based on scientific fact spell in a huge glaring font the main ingredient of their product wrong? Jalepeno. It is annoying just writing this review to see it highlighted in red.

Just goes to show how important first impressions are. If this was spelled right this sauce would have an air of authenticity to it. Maybe, just maybe this is a rare bottle and only a few got through before the error was caught.

Ingredients: Jalapeno peppers, salt, vinegar (they spelled it right here)

Anyways, let’s keep going here. This sauce is green. Very green. Almost like a radioactive green that you see on the Simpsons. There is no doubt about the peppers that are in here from the sight, to the smell, to the taste. It also seems like the producer went to a good length to make sure that it didn’t exceed the “2500” scovilles. I have had JALAPENO’S and I have had jalapenos. I guess you can say I have had Jalepenos now as well. Regardless of how they are spelt it these are definitely among the weaker end of the spectrum.

SC2500 Jalapeno Hot Sauce

This is the part I would love to say “Let’s look beyond the mistake and onto the sauce.” Well yes and no. This is a rudimentary jalapeno sauce that plays by the rules of the status quo and does not stray for any originality. It is what you get. A vinegar jalapeno sauce. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t expect any original flavor here. The taste is as clinical as their packaging would want to make it seem. It is green, it is vinegary and it is jalapeno.

If the simple intent to get across was 2500 Scoville units for a jalapeno then this is well done but there are many more jalapeno sauces out there that deliver in the taste department (and heat dept.) than this one. If they can fix the error they would have a pretty cool line-up here that shows the various peppers bottled at their Scoville rating. It would make a great set. A set better shown on the shelf.

Packaging 0/10 or 9/10 without the error
Aroma 4/10
Appearance 0/10 or 10/10
Taste 3/10
Heat 3/10

Distributed by:
SCU Foods. L.L.C.
Erie, PA