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Review: Scotty B’s Mean Green With Envy Hot Sauce

Scotty B’s Gourmet Green With Envy Jalapeno Sauce
Scotty B's Mean Green w/Envy Hot sauce

This was the second prototype I received from Scotty B (along with the Oblivion). Seems like green is the new red when it comes to sauces. Now I have tried many jalapeno sauce over the years and some were good but there was nothing I tried that was outstanding. Until I gave this one a whirl. One bite into this and you are greeted with the sweet tangy taste that is equivalent to biting into a ripe jalapeno followed up by a burst of garden fresh tomatoes and serranos. Onions are lurking in the background but are happy being glanced at not noticed outright. Scotty was unabashed creating this as you can see the chunks and seeds all swimming around this green concoction.

The heat level is decent for the mighty green pepper and the burn is a stingy tingle that awaken the senses. Nothing overpowering but definitely not subtle.

Ingredients: Jalapenos peppers, tomatoes, serrano peppers, yellow onion, water, lemon juice, distilled vinegar, garlic, sea salt, corn starch, spices.

Scotty B's Mean Green w/Envy Hot sauce

This sauce is a great addition the table brigade and is essential for nachos. Heck pretty much any Mexican type dish. It also makes a great side for pork chops. One may even dare using this is a marinade. Also note that this sauce has a unique texture. Definitely not runny, not chunky, but more paste like. I managed to get a heaping amount to stick and stay on anything I slathered with it.

I have come to expect nothing but stellar sauce from Scotty B and his numerous awards are well deserved.

Look forward to this one hitting the shelves.

Packaging 0/10 ““ N/A
Aroma 9/10 ““ Fresh Garden Vegetables
Appearance 9/10 ““ Chunky and bold
Taste 9/10 ““ Deep and fresh like it was prepared today. Flavours are full and distinct
Heat 5/10 ““ Serrano and Jalapeno combined for a perfect medium zing

Overall 9/10

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Meet Your Maker #5 – Scotty B

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