Posted August 2, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Scotty B’s Oblivion Prototype Hot Sauce

Scotty B's Oblivion Hot Sauce

Straight off the bat this is one of the greatest super hots I have ever tried. No fooling. This ranks up there with the greats (take your pick).

What makes this unique is that it has a flavour all unto its own. That is what makes a legendary sauce so great. It holds its own against its piers.

Now I have to mention that this is only a prototype. So it may be awhile before it hits the market (if it ever does).

So I am going to take a stab at it myself on at least the main ingredients. If there is extract in there (which I suspect there is but I can’t tell) then it is well hidden and its soul purpose to deliver maximum heat with minimum chemical taste has been achieved. Vinegar is a no brainer but not at the same levels as some of Scotty’s other sauces. Also there is a blend of red savina, orange habs, and perhaps birds eye peppers. Something else in there I have tried before but cant quite put my finger on.


I have since received the ingredients. I have to admit I am pretty impressed at my initial guess. If anyone HAS to have the ingredients you can contact me through Nick.

This is one of those sauces you develop a lovehate (or should I say LovePain) relationship. I just want to eat more and more of it. Even as I was trying to numb my tongue I went back for more. The heat AND taste is instant. A perfect blend. The burn stayed on the lips and tongue and didn’t carry to far down the throat and the intensity lasted for about 5 minutes before subsiding into a nice red glow. In terms of the actual scoville rating I can safely put this in the 350K ~ 500K SHU. You have been warned.

Regardless though it doesn’t matter. Super Hot’s don’t get much better than this.

Scotty B's Oblivion Hot Sauce

This sauce screams wings, chicken strips, heck just about anything. So for my field test I am taking some crispy wings and covering them in this stuff. (And ya I boil ribs too!).

Not sure what happened here but the insane heat level seemed to drop off a bit once I put it on the wing. Not complaining though as this is still plenty hot. Now I love wing sauces. But I also like adding just about any good hot sauce to wings. And outside of a few places restaurants here, Oblivion was a wing winner. I thought I would be reeling in pain after these two wings. I am lucky I had some more made up because they all got to be Obliterated. The sauce complimented the look of the wings with its colour and its thicker than water consistency made sure it stayed put.

Scotty B's Oblivion Hot Sauce

This is one super hot to keep your eyes peeled for. Great Stuff Scotty!

Packaging 0/10 – NA This is a prototype – no graphics provided
Aroma 9/10 – Misleading in the fact of the heat it is hiding – smells fresh and lively
Appearance 9.5/10 – Glowing red with chunks of seeds and pepper
Taste 9.8/10 – Just about perfect
Heat 10/10 – There is no escaping the burn of this one – just enjoy it

Overall 9.6/10

Scotty B’s Gourmet Devil’s Drool
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