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Review: Scoville Unit Foods Extra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce

Scoville Unit Foods Extra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce

This sauce is not a sauce that was sent to me to review, and I’m going to explain why I wanted to review it here briefly before I get on with it. I read the review done on the Scoville Units Brand Jalapeño sauce, and because of it I decided not to waste my time on this brand name. Well at Jungle Jim’s last weekend they had a booth set up so I tried most of their sauces, with the exception of the jalapeño because I am not a big jalapeño sauce fan.

Everything I tried I was impressed with. I asked him about the misprinted label and he dug one out of a box in the back for me, (you never know it might be worth something) I bought this and also 2 bottles of the extra hot habanero, after I bought those he surprised me by giving me a bottle of the jalapeño for free so I would have one to eat. When I got home these where the first bottles I opened. If my opinion on the jalapeño sauce was different than what was already said I would review it, but it is not. I have a few tasting notes, just to throw in my 2 cents, but for the most part I feel the review was pretty accurate, you can check it out here. The reason I am reviewing one of his other sauces is for all the people out there like me that gave up on the brand name because of the jalapeños bad review.

Jalapeño sauce tasting notes: way to thin, way to vinegary, if you have ever had Tabasco brand jalapeño sauce and liked it, this one for you. I used to use Tabasco brand jalapeño sauce in my salsa, and that is what I will use the rest of this bottle for because it tastes about the same, and is also about the same thickness.

Scoville Unit Foods Extra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce

This sauce smells like vinegar and habaneros, I had tacos for lunch today, and I opened this bottle to use on them. I found it funny that the jalapeño sauce is like water and has no drip top, and this sauce I had to pop the drip top out because it is thick enough to pour. I coated my tacos with it like it was taco sauce, and dug in. this sauce does have a strong vinegar flavor, but not so bad that it ruins the overall flavor of the sauce. It tasted a lot like the chili beer brand sauce that I just finished my review on, only a lot hotter, and with vinegar. I checked the ingredients and the only difference was the vinegar, and instead of select peppers, this one is red habanero peppers. The carrots are barely present in the flavor of this sauce, and the onion, lime, and garlic where undetectable to me. The heat is a decent level for a non-extract sauce, but its not there hottest product either. It’s right in the middle for the type of sauce that it is. I used a half bottle of it on tacos, and later ate the second half with dinner, which were nachos that I made with the left over taco stuff. At first taste it is a medium hot sauce, but the heat never really built any the way I expected it to.

The aftertaste is no different than the flavor you get while eating it and it only hangs around for a short time after the food is gone. All in all I enjoyed this sauce, I only wish it was a little hotter, but I will have to buy the red savina sauce next time. I tried the red savina at Jungle Jim’s, and they both tasted about the same to me but with all the sauces I had eaten that day it was hard to judge anything and I wouldn’t want to make any comments about it unless I had a bottle in front of me. I am hoping that it is just a hotter version of this sauce though, because that’s all I would change. The flavor is one that would go well with a variety of foods including all he basics like pizza, chicken, Mexican, pork, etc”¦

Ingredients: red habanero peppers, carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic, salt.

Smell: 6/10 it smelled good, but the vinegar in it was strong and made me think it would be like the jalapeno sauce, which was way too vinegary.

Taste: 8/10 unlike the smell, the vinegar was not to overpowering, it could be turned down a notch, but it wasn’t that bad, and I really liked the overall flavor that this sauce had.

Label: Very nice, even my wife commented on how cool the whole scoville unit scale was.

Price: I paid $5.00 for this sauce at Jungle Jim’s, and it was worth every cent, I looked on there web page to see if that was the regular price, or a special for the show, and it looks like everything they sell is through there ebay store. I checked it out and they only had a couple gift sets available.

Overall: 8/10, I am glad they had a booth at Jungle Jim’s because I probably never would of tried this stuff if it hadn’t been there.

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