Posted October 12, 2005 by Adam in Reviews

Review: Special Shit Multi-Purpose Seasoning

Not just another excuse to curse like a sailor

[WARNING: This post uses the S-word many many times. But I couldn’t help it. It’s the name of the product.]

This wonderfully tasty concoction is produced by a Dan Martin, a friend of my coworker, Terry. Special Shit is its name, and rightly so. Terry put a bottle on my desk sometime around 7:45 in the morning, and I spent the rest of the day caressing it. I just couldn’t wait to toss some of this shit on a couple of steaks and bring them to the holy fires of my grill.

The ingredients list is very incomplete, but that’s the way Martin wants it. The full list is a secret that he will take the that great big grill in the sky. Special Shit does taste of salt, garlic, and pepper, but there is a slight hint of smoky flavor that just begs for it to be thrown onto some chops or chickens and roasted over the holy fires. It’s smell is pungent and almost wants to be categorized as a spicy seasoning, but the flavor doesn’t pack much punch in the capsaicin corner.

Special Shit all-purpose seasoning was born in the humble kitchen of Big Cock Ranch in Lexington, Texas. Dan Martin, cattle-baron and owner of Big Cock Ranch, has been using this special blend of seasonings for years on steak, chicken, barbeque, vegetables, and other culinary delights.

One day, Dan’s stockbroker, Randy, watched as Dan sprinkled something from very non-descript jar onto some juicy rib eye steaks. Randy wanted to know the origin of the spice and Dan informed him that it was his own concoction. A few days later Randy asked if he could have some of the spice. Dan didn’t know what he was talking about until Randy said “you know…your Special Shit.”

It should be noted here that Special Shit is not a rub. It is packaged and marketed as a seasoning or seasoned salt to be used in a myriad different applications. I should also mention that Special Shit is not very spicy, so it may not have an official place on the hot sauce blog. But with such an interesting (and downright bitchin’) name, I could help but tell the world about this great product.

I had been told that this shit is great on vegetables as well as meats. I tried some in a pot of green beans on Sunday, and I would have to agree. Also, I grilled about 8 tenderloins on the holy fire, all of which were seasoned with Special Shit. Add my roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and you have a very tasty meal.

Special Shit is only available online and out of the back of Dan Martin’s car. Each bottle is $7.99 a piece, but comes in a huge 14 oz. container, so you get your money’s worth. I highly recommend this shit, as it was a very tasty compliment to many different foods.

Rating: 1 out of 10 chiles, but 2 thumbs way up!