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Review: Spittin Fire Hot Sauce

Spittin Fire Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Habanero-Red Savina, Habanero-Neon Yellow, Habanero-Lemon Yellow, Habanero-Chocolate, Onion, Ketchup, Dijon Mustard, Garlic, Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Hot Sauce, Black Pepper, Lime Juice, Kosher Salt, Rice Vinegar, Carrot Juice.

Label: Warning: You must exercise extreme caution when using this sauce. If you have sauce on your hands, be particularly careful not to touch your eyes, face, or other sensitive parts of your body. If you do get sauce on your hands, we recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Ignore this warning and you will pay!

Spittin Fire Hot SauceAppearance: A very good-looking sauce, with bits of black pepper, onion, and garlic standing out nicely.

Smell: The first smell that hits you as you open the bottle is a kind of spicy ketchup-y smell, not at all unpleasant. It’s a very light-smelling sauce, sweet and spicy, with a hint of garlic and onion. Nice!

Taste: What a great sauce! Because the first four ingredients were habanero, I felt the need to enter into this well-prepared! My first taste of Spittin Fire was on a saltine, to get the full flavor. The The sweet-spicy smell carried right over into the flavor of the sauce: the first taste was very light and flavorful. The habs don’t hit hard on entry, but build pretty quickly into a nice, controlled smolder. For Christmas dinner, my dad made his world-famous Cajun dirty rice (if it’s not world-famous already, it darn well should be!) I added this liberally to the dirty rice, and the onion and garlic of this sauce melded wonderfully with the onion and garlic in the dirty rice, adding a nice amount of heat. What a great match!

Conclusion: Very nice! We ended up passing the bottle around the table, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, my grandmother especially, though the heat didn’t seem to faze her. In her own words: “That hot sauce isn’t hot at all to an ole Coonass lady!” This sauce would go seamlessly with almost anything savory. A great, well-rounded sauce!

4.6 out of 5!

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