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Review: Stairway to Hell Smokin’ Habanero Hot Sauce

Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce

Before you run off to iTunes to download Stairway to Heaven, they don’t have it. Do yourself a favor and run to your nearest Tower Records and enjoy their 20% off going out of business sale and stock up on all the Zeppelin you can handle. Zeppelin, hot sauce and an egg sandwich in the morning – does it get any better?

Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce

Bottle Description:
This product is for the true “Hothead” and has a unique bar-b-que flavor unlike any other sauce in the market today. It is made with the finest vegetables, including the mighty HABANERO – ONE OF THE WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPERS!

Habanero peppers, tomatoes, onion, carrots, garlic, cilantro, vinegar, pasilla peppers, lime juice, mesquite smoke flavoring, salt, pepper, oregano, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce

Appearance: Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce is thick, well blended and shows little to no separation when poured.

First Taste: Straight on the tongue, you’re hit with the smoke flavoring followed by the heat of the peppers. The pasilla pepper adds body to the sauce which blends nicely with the fruity heat of the habanero. The heat, when taken straight on the tongue is about an 8 on the HSB heat scale.

Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce

Spicy & SmokeyOn Food: The heat is noticeably mellowed when merged with food, but the strong smokey flavor remains. The $4 egg sandwich that I had to walk a mere 1/2 a block for absorbed the sauce well, so dripage was minimal. The smokiness of the sauce was a perfect addition to the sandwich, adding both flavor and heat.

Conclusion: Spicy & Smokey – that’s this sauce in a nutshell. The flavor levels are complex – smokey, fruity and then spicy. It’s a great sauce that would go well on everything from BBQ, eggs or a fine steak. The smoke flavor does not overwhelm your food, it only enhances it. I can’t wait to try this sauce on a burger. Next time you are looking for some smokey heat, get yourself a bottle of Stairway to Hell [tag]Hot Sauce[/tag].

Stairway to Hell Hot Sauce
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