Posted October 19, 2006 by clint in Reviews

Review: Texas Hot Sauce

Texas Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Water, habanero peppers, vinegar, carrots, salt, xantham gum, garlic and spices

I personally don’t know much about Texas aside from the fact that the SXSW festival is out there, George W. is from there and a prominent ranger named Walker protects and serves the fine state. The label also informs me that there are cowboys, missions and oil. It’s nice to have a sauce that doesn’t brag about its heat levels or taste.

Appearance: This is a red sauce with little evidence of what was put into it. There are some skins and seeds but mostly this sauce is thick and red (xanthum gum I presume).

Smell: The smell has a strong bite to it. The spices really work their aromas. Hints of vinegar and finally habanero are abound.

Consistency: Relatively thick [tag]hot sauce[/tag]. I suggest taking off the stopper because it’s so hard to get this sauce out with the stopper in.

Taste: The first wave of flavor belongs purely to the salt and spices. The habaneros travel via second wave but only after you’ve got past the saltiness. On first taste I hated this sauce because it was like a shot of soy sauce. Pure sodium flavor. The nutritional facts list this as a sauce with equal the amount of sodium as other sauces so something foul was at foot. The remaining flavors of the sauce are not bad. The habanero works well enough and the vinegar is very minor.

Heat: (6.7/10) The hottest sauce I’d ever had that didn’t brag about being hot. Definitely not that hot though.

Field Test: If you’re eating anything that’s already got high amount of sodium like Chinese take out I would avoid this sauce. A mouth full of NaCl is the perfect way to destroy a meal. It works wonders on unsalted fries. Find something relatively bland and spice it up.

Final Word: If it weren’t so salty, this sauce wouldn’t be half bad.

Overall: 5.5/10 Not recommended.