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Review: The Salsa King – Flaming Green Garlic Passion Salsa

Flaming Green Garlic Passion

Whoa!!! Nothing could have prepared me for this wave of garlic that hit me once this was opened. Also nothing could have prepared for how awful this salsa looks. I understand it is supposed to be garlic chunks but it looked like grey tissue. The actual sauce was void of any real colour. Instead of a bright fresh approach, this had the look of pallid dead flesh. I don’t want to hack on the Salsa King here as I am sure his award winning salsas are well deserved, but this is my first impression and sight alone didn’t impress.

Chock full of garlicThere is good news though. It actually tastes great. But”¦..and a strong but, you have to be a garlic lover. Otherwise steer clear. This saucesalsa promises everything it says on the label and then some. My better half wouldn’t come close to me after I tried this and she likes garlic. I think the Jalapeno’s in here are there to provide the colour, as the taste is not very apparent. Nothing will get by the extreme garlic in here. This works and it doesn’t. I am not sure if you want to have this out when the guest arrive unless you are having a garlic party or keeping vampires at bay. For a Sunday in front of the football game this could be a great addition to tortillas, wings, nachos you name it but again you may want to keep the lid on.

Ingredients: Tomatillos (tomatilla, water, citric acid) Oven Roasted Garlic, Jalapeno Peppers (Jalapenos, vinegar, citric acid), Onions, Lime Juice, Spices, Olive Oil

This won’t be for everyone. Don’t get fooled that it says it has jalapenos in it because they are just there to add some colour. There really is no heat. Just Garlic!!!

Just as some of us look for extreme heat, this is extreme garlic.

Did I mention that this was garlicky?!? Well let me say it again”¦.it is chock full of garlic.

Packaging 8/10 ““ bright & bold
Aroma 2/10 or 10/10 ““ if you aren’t into garlic stay away ““ if you are ““ put your head in a plastic bag with this
Appearance 0/10 ““ It’s certainly not pretty
Taste 7.7/10 ““ The Conan of Garlic Salsa’s ““ overpowering but a dream for garlic lovers
Heat 2/10 ““ Says it has Jalapenos ““ but you would never know

Overall 7/10 ““ Garlic lovers only need to apply

Lorena and Roy Marshall
The SalsaKing Fine Southwestern Foods
877-THE HOT1 (843-4681)