Posted October 22, 2005 by thakswet in Reviews

Review: Torchbearer Super Fancy #1 Every Day Sauce


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The label on the Super Fancy #1 Every Day Sauce is freaky. A whole lot of freakiness going on; like the Elvis-looking, half-shaved dude with a house as shoulders, holding a white boot saying Gol darn that’s good. Plus they use graphics to make the label look vintage. Unique; screams old school and raw.

But I don’t like it. It’s spooky. I’d consider redoing the label; especially with all the colors they use to print them. I like the sticker label on the lid, but too many words are spewed around the jar in different types of fonts and looks messy to me.

The sauce comes in an eight ounce jar with is good, cause this sauce is not going to flow out of a bottle. I’d call it a preserve. You’ll need to spoon it out, or use a butter knife. This should be smeared on stuff; and used in recipes. It’s extremely mild, which is what I’d be expecting. They have sauces ranging from this #1 (mildest) up to #42 (67,582 Scoville units!)

Super Fancy #1 comes with a recipe book to help you figure out how to use it. I really didn’t enjoy tasting it from the jar, and I had a very hard time thinking of a way to use it. None of the recipes from the book seemed worth trying either. It was opened two and a half weeks ago and I’ve been banging my head off the refrigerator door trying to come up with something to put this on.

It tastes like carrots mixed with tomato juice and has an aftertaste of onion/garlic. No heat. Reminds me of baby food; except I would eat baby food in a pinch.

I’d try some of the higher #numbered Torchbearers sauces before using this one again. And since I was taught not say anything if I didn’t have something nice to say, I’ll add that the price of $6.95 is not that bad to add Super Fancy #1 to a hot sauce collection (if you have the space.)

Packaging – 2.5 out of 10
Coloring / Temperament – 4 out of 10
Consistency – 6 out of 15
Heat – 2 out of 25
Taste – 10 out of 40

Total 24.5 out of 100