Posted November 20, 2006 by Jodie in Reviews

Review: Tropical Mischief Habanero Hot Sauce

Tropical Mischief Habanero hot SauceFrom the bottle: “Tropical Mischief is a medium heat sauce with a hint of fruit flavor. Add Flavor and a little heat to your favorite meats, sandwiches, nachos, you name it! If you want to get even more mischievous, try it on ice cream!”

INGREDIENTS: Papaya, Guava, Pineapple, Banana, Passion Fruit, White Vinegar, Habanero Peppers, Passion and Guava Fruit Juice, Lemon Juice, Salt, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and Beet Powder (for color)

The label on this sauce is fun. I love the angel and the devil images. It truly makes you wonder what lies ahead. The palm trees implying a taste of the tropics. Simple and complex at the same time. Very well done.

I am all about flavor in my hot sauces. The tingle from the sauce is just an added bonus in a great tasting [tag]hot sauce[/tag]. So when I got my hands on this hot sauce, I couldn’t wait to taste it! The first thing I did was open it and took a huge whiff to get a feel of what might lay in store for me. The smell was of a tropical drink. Very fruity. I didn’t smell much in the way of heat but sometimes that can be very deceiving. I knew I would have to taste it to figure out the level of heat in this mouth watering sauce.

I wanted to see the consistency and true color of Tropical Mischief. I poured into a small bowl. It is a little thinner then most hot sauces, but not runny. The color was just wonderful, a nice golden orange with flecks of the pepper and fruit floating in the sauce.

Tropical Mischief Habanero Hot Sauce

I poured a nice size amount on a spoon and tasted. It was wonderful. A little tart but these fruits usually are. I could taste all the fruit in various levels in this sauce. The heat level wasn’t there for me but would be great for a novice chili head. This is definitely a fruit lovers sauce. I could taste all the fruit in their various layers. It reminded me of the islands. It was like nothing I have ever had before.

Tropical Mischief Habanero Hot Sauce

Now for the true test, on food. I made myself a plate of cubed up left over pork cutlet, pasta, and vegetables in a garlic sauce. WOW! Very nice combination. The flavors melded so nicely. It added a whole new dimension to the meal. The only thing missing from this meal was the heat level. There just wasn’t any. I was pleasantly surprised that the tartness from the fruits were no where to be found once added to the dish.

Tropical Mischief Habanero Hot Sauce

Now I was curious about the suggestion to put it on ice cream. Hot sauce and ice cream just don’t seem a natural combination for me. But I am adventurous and willing to try new tastes at least once. So I looked in my freezer and pulled out some good old vanilla ice cream. Still hesitant, I poured the sauce on top. Well, I don’t why I was so weary, it was mind blowing. Now it tasted like a dessert sauce. No longer meant for savory meals, but sweet and fresh tasting-perfect for desserts. Still no heat but plenty of flavor.

The fruit is the main act in this sauce and you must like fruit sauces to enjoy this in your meals. There is no heat to speak of but it truly does have plenty of flavor. Also the fact that it plays as a double agent as a hot sauce and a dessert sauce is wonderful. I think everyone who likes fruit sauces should try it. You can always add heat other ways.

PACKAGING: 10/10 complex yet simple
AROMA: 10/10 fresh and fruity
APPERANCE: 8/10 a little on the thin side but beautiful color
TASTE: 10/10 fruity and tropical
HEAT: 0/10 no heat for me


Mischief Makers Sauce Co.
6955 SW Nyberg St. #T203
Tualatin, OR 97062