Posted March 7, 2006 by Jim in Reviews

Review: Uncle Dougie’s Lil’ Boom Hot Sauce

Uncle Dougie's Lil' Boom Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Aged red cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, salt.

Label: Well folks, we finally did it… Using only the FINEST, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, we have created a [tag]HOT SAUCE[/tag] with FLAVOR. Not a real “HEAD BURNER”, Uncle Dougie’s LIL’ BOOM packs a BLAST of FLAVOR to your taste buds before the HEAT kicks in! Try it on EVERYTHING – we are sure you’ll love it!!! ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO MSG.

Appearance: Not bad at all. It seems a little thin, and pours liberally.

Smell: Vinegar, vinegar, and more vinegar. Oh, and a hint of… no, wait, that’s more vinegar…

Taste: The vinegar is overpowering, and the overall flavor is very salty. The heat rates a little less than Tabasco. Honestly, not much to speak of, flavor or otherwise. “Not a real HEAD BURNER” ranks as understatement of the year.

Uncle Dougie's Lil' Boom Hot Sauce

Conclusion: With all the CAPS on the LABEL, I was EXPECTING something WONDERFUL. Ever tasted a hot sauce with training wheels? Yep, here ’tis. This would make a great gift for your non-chilihead friends and neighbors. Wait, if you consider yourself a chilihead, you might not want to give this as a gift: it could ruin your rep. In this reviewer’s humble opinion, vinegar does not a hot sauce make, and the vinegar here is completely over-the-top. After fully enjoying Uncle Dougie’s Hab Mustard Sauce, I was a little disappointed with the lack of flavor here. If the flavor was there, it was completely drowned out by the vinegar.

1 out of 5