Posted October 11, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Vicky’s Hot Pepper Jam

Vicky's Hot Pepper Jam

This is my first foray into a pepper jam (not fruit based). I have to say a lot of you out there are lucky as you eat eggs and can douse them in any type of sauce. I myself will not touch eggs and even though I have tried it, hot sauce doesn’t always cut it on a English Muffin. So now, I have an answer to my dilemma.

The packaging is very nice. The label can use some touch ups but you still can’t deny the pleasant look of this 8oz jar. At first glance in low lighting it appears to just look like a solid orange mass. Hold it up to the light and you can see right through and admire the amounts of peppers used to create this.

The actual recipe for this jam goes back quite a long time. It was recently picked up by sisters Anna Marie Amodeo and Michelle Hardes and they have now made it available for masses. The ingredients are fairly simple and the peppers were sworn to secrecy but any seasoned chili-head will know what they are after the first bite.

Just like any good jam, it picks up neatly out of the container and the spreadability is excellent. The aroma is fresh and sweet without much notice of any apparent spice. Not only will this make a perfect breakfast companion but I am sure it would be a hit at parties on top of crackers along side some cheese. The label also says, “Great as a topping on cream cheese, brie or camembert. Baste ham, poultry or ribs hot out of the oven. Use as a condiment on toast.” My first impression was that this would be an SAS (Specific Application Sauce) but I can see using this in a variety of ways.

Ingredients: Sugar, Peppers, Hot Peppers, Vinegar, Pectin. No Additives. No Food Colouring

Vicky's Hot Pepper Jam

My field test was simple. 8 grain crackers and the hot pepper jam. I was quite amazed at my first bite. The texture was extremely smooth and the peppers were in big enough pieces but didn’t interfere while I was eating. At first there was a pleasant sweetness followed up by a wonderful warm glow of heat that lingered shortly and left very little after taste. Anna Marie and Michelle have accomplished the very tough task of finding just the right balance of enough heat for chili-heads and non-chiliheads alike. Another definite plus was that the vinegar was barely noticeable. I continued with the second cracker and right away started to think of all the great things I can put this on.
The perfect breakfast accompaniment
This is the perfect breakfast accompaniment to get you started in the morning or keep your guests tongues buzzing during a night of entertainment. It is not intrusive but very complimentary to what you want to add this too. I shared this jam with the office staff in our condo and they went crazy over it. I brought it as a lunchtime treat with some crackers and before I knew it, it was nearly gone. If you haven’t tried a non-fruit pepper jam I highly suggest this is your first pick.

Currently it is available at Pusateri’s in downtown Toronto and at Longo’s at Bay and Front. Also Uncle Big has been gracious enough to host this on his site so HSBer’s won’t miss out on this great product.

Before I proclaim “breakfast won’t be the same anymore” (at least for us non egg eaters) realize that there are many other applications for this jam. From entertaining, lunches, and just for a snack. This is incredible stuff!

Packaging 9.5/10 ““ very attractive packaging ““ logo can be brightened up bit (being worked on)
Aroma 9.4/10 ““ Sweet and fresh
Appearance 10/10 ““ Beautiful colour ““ bright pieces of fresh peppers
Taste 9.6/10 ““ Wonderfully sweet, smooth and velvety
Heat 4/10 ““ Medium ““ perfect for any chili-head

Overall 9.6/10 ““ Impressive entry for this Duo entering the hot food market.