Posted August 21, 2006 by eman in Reviews

Review: Yellow Thunder Pepper Hot Sauce

Yellow Thunder Hot SauceI was first attracted by the label and while reading came across the warning this is no toy [tag]hot sauce[/tag]! Nice! With grammar like that I was waiting for Mr. Miage to show me how to paint the fence… of course with my spelling I thing we are tied 🙂 anyways…

Packaging: I like it. Definitely has an imported feeling to it. The label definitely jumps out at you.

Ingredients: White vinegar, mustard, habanero peppers, green olives, special blend of spices and salt, ascorbic acid, natural gum

Aroma: The habanero is very dominant and is followed by vinegar and then mustard. There is something else there but I cannot make it out. It actually has a slightly complex smell. I think it might be the olives but can’t really tell.

Appearance: Very chunky, it actually looks like Gerber baby food. I think it would brush on very nicely on a piece of chicken.

Taste: The habanero and salt jump out right at you! Then the vinegar and mustard slowly arrive.just like it smelled.

Yellow Thunder Hot Sauce

Heat: The heat was a very slow warm up but quite nice. This sauce lets you taste all it has to offer and then brings on the heat. I am not a big fan of instant heat because I don’t get to enjoy all the flavors. Nicely done.

Now the ole chicken finger um maybe not. This is not a good battered chicken sauce but should do much more nicely on plain chicken.

Packaging: 6/10
Aroma: 5/10
Appearance: 4/10
Taste: 4/10
Heat: 5/10

Distributed by: Sun Pony, Inc.
Washington, DC
To order: 202-986-1181