Posted July 10, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Reviewer Round Up

The time has come for the HSB to open up the application process for reviewers once again. Please use the form below to submit your request to become a reviewer – please tell us all about your love for hot sauce, food or anything else your passionate about. We will contact each applicant for more information and will run reviews on the HSB for readers to comment on as well.

Free Hot Sauce?
Have thoughts to share? Funny stories? Videos? Advice to up and coming sauce makers? Recipes?
Great! But can your tastebuds handle it?

Here’s the deal: If you would like to apply, send us an email or leave a comment here and we’ll be in touch. If you pass the mustard (hot sauce) we’ll set you up with a login and a posting schedule. Then comes the sauce. We’ll give you free sauce to review and use – however, you must have a digital camera so that viewers can see exactly what you created with it.

We expect guest bloggers to post reviews as often as we send you sauces, the better the reviews, the more sauces you’ll get. But beyond reviews, we also would like guest bloggers to post about anything else hot sauce related, maybe funny stories, horror stories, how to guides – anything that comes to mind.

Again, to apply send us an email or leave a comment and we’ll contact you with more information.

Nick Lindauer

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