Posted November 11, 2005 by Jim in Reviews

Reviewing: Bethlehem’s Best Habanero Relish

Bethlehem's Best Habanero Relish Ingredients: Onions, habanero peppers, cabbage, sweet red bell pepper, sugar, salt, citric acid, anhydrous, ground oregano, dried coriander, erythorbic acid to promote color retention.

Appearance: Beautiful! The ingredients were coarsely diced, with large chunks of onion and cabbage. The peppers stood out in the relish nicely. All in all, very appealing.

Smell: The habanero carried the top note, followed closely by the onion. Smelled nice and sweet.

Taste: This relish was more of a chow-chow, thanks to the inclusion of the cabbage. Don’t go in expecting a pickle-y taste. My first taste was atop the standard Triscuit. This is more of a sweet/salty relish. In the first bite, the sweet bell pepper and onion meld wonderfully. As you reach for the second, though, here comes the hab! It comes on very quickly and lingers for quite a while. It’s a nice smoldering burn that balances out the sweetness of the relish wonderfully. After a few crackers, I decided to see what this would do with a hot dog. I fixed two dogs, one naked, one with chili. Of course, the naked dog wasn’t quite as good as the chili dog (when would it ever be??) On the chili dog, though, this relish found a warm home! It complemented the chili perfectly, adding just enough heat to make the meal worthwhile (well, as worthwhile as a hot dog eaten by yourself standing over the kitchen sink can be!)

Conclusion: Not bad at all! This would be very good thrown in with some tuna or chicken salad, or as a mix-in for taco meat.

4.0 out of 5.0!

Bethlehem's Best Habanero Relish

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