Posted June 4, 2007 by Anthony in Makers

Review(s): Danny Cash’s Bottled Up Anger and Radical Heat

Bottled Up Anger Review

Bottled Up Anger Hot SauceDanny Cash and crew can now play with the big boys. No I am not talking about Scotty B or Uncle Big here, I am talking about CaJohn and Blair. Their sauces are top notch in every aspect. For the Bottled Up Anger review you are actually going to get two reviews. You see not only is this sauce the stuff of legend on its own, it is also the sauce bottled behind the Hot Sauce Blog Sauce. So for those of you lucky enough to get one of those bottles, you need not worry about opening up that special bottle now. Just go out and get yourself some of the Bottled Up Anger.

This sauce has been around for awhile. A true testament of the longevity of a classic sauce. You can literally douse your entire plate with it and still not get enough. There is some heat here but it isn’t that much. See the Radical Heat review for additional fire.

I haven’t had too much experience with Serrano’s. But from what I have had I have enjoyed. They have a bit of a stronger bite than a jalapeno and at the same time don’t seem to sting like a jalapeno in vinegar. The burn is much more smooth. Coupled with a decent amount of delicious Habanero Flavor and HEALTHY dose of garlic this sauce is warm. Warm in texture, warm in heat. It pours smoothly and is vibrant to the point of being cheerfully colorful but not radiating with a green nuclear gold. A very pleasant sauce to see, smell and taste.

Green Serrano & Red Habanero Chile Peppers, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Vinegar & Salt.

This is a first class sauce in every aspect. A table staple actually of the medium variety. Keep this always beside your jalapeno sauces, hab sauces and super hots.

Packaging 9/10 ““ strong and bold
Aroma 9/10 ““ fresh, warm and appealing
Appearance 10/10 ““ green sauce doesn’t get better looking than this
Taste 9.7/10 ““ Simple ingredients, yet perfect execution
Heat 5/10 ““ Good Medium, will make you smile

Overall 9.7/10 ““ top notch medium sauce

Radical HeatRadical Heat Review

Take all the good stuff I said about Bottled Up Anger, take out the Serranos and add more habaneros. Do I really need to get in more detail about this?

If you have been following my other reviews of Danny Cash’s sauces you know you can’t go wrong.

To sum up Radical Heat, it is a beautiful red sauce that is quite viscous but overly so. You can see seeds and pepper bits in it and it smells invigorating. The taste is that of fresh habaneros and again, a healthy kick of garlic. Vinegar is there but it is politely in the background. The heat is blistering, but it is definitely there. Great for any chili-head or anyone feeling adventurous. Applications for this are pretty much limitless. As I said in the Bottled Up Anger Review, this is a kitchen staple.

Ingredients: Red Habanero Chili Peppers, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Vinegar & Salt

Packaging 9/10 ““ like the rest of the line-up ““ strong and bold
Aroma 9.3/10 ““ fresh, warm and brave
Appearance 10/10 ““ Perfect looking hot sauce
Taste 9.7/10 ““ Hot sauce heaven
Heat 7/10 ““ Pleasantly hot

Overall 9.7/10 ““ Almost flawless

Danny Cash Unlimited
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Englewood, CO 80110
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