Posted May 26, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Revisiting Captain Thoms Red Savina Powder Survival Kit

So it has been about 3 months since I have had Captain Thom’s Red Savina Survival Kit. You may remember from my initial review I was concerned about the container not being secure enough. I also had a bit of a complaint that there was no regulator to stop the flow of the powder.

Well I have put this little gem through its paces the last few months and let me say it has held up passed my expectations. The top has stayed screwed on tight. Never have I had to tighten it up. As for thinking I needed a regulator. Nope, as long as you are careful this powder comes out nice and even with the shake of a steady hand. Also, I have found it indispensable when going to restaurants. This little sucker has turned good meals into great meals.

Now here comes the part that is even better. I am not a very clumsy person but for some reason I drop my keys on the marble every single day. I don’t know why, it just happens. So this little kit has fallen 5 feet almost everyday for three months. Yes, it has a tank-like shell. I keep it on my key ring that houses the car keys and condo keys. So not only does it go through the rigors of my day in my pocket, but also has to withstand the streets of Toronto (in a sports car with stiff suspension).

I also mentioned in my initial review that after this is finished I could top it off with my favourite sauce. Well that is still the case. But I am also going to buy one more. The Red Savina Powder Keychain is just too damn good.
This is an indispensable product for all chili-heads!