Posted May 15, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Revisted: Big Dawg Drooling Mustard Sauce

I’ve already reviewed Big Dawg’s Drooling Mustard but it’s one of those sauces that you keep coming back to and appreciating it a little more each time. This time around, I created a pastrami dog with the leftover pastrami from R.U.B.

Big Dawg Droolin' Mustard Sauce

The hot dog was split, grilled and cheddar cheese was melted in the middle. The dog was then laid on a bun with a blanket of pastrami underneath.

Big Dawg Droolin' Mustard Sauce

I split the dog on purpose – they tend to hold more mustard that way! So there you have it, a terrific mustard dog. My original review still stands – Big Dawg has created a terrific full bodied mustard. It’s not punch you in the face hot, but it definitely begins a little tickle torture on the throat after a bit.

Bottom line: If you like mustard, you’ll love this sauce – so don’t delay and get yourself a bottle today!

Big Dawg Salsa
P.O.Box 821623
North Richland Hills, Tx. 76182

Nick Lindauer

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