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RickDaddy’s – Smokin’ Marlin Smokey Hot Sauce

RickDaddy’s – Smokin’ Marlin (Gourmet Hot Sauce) Smokey Sauce
Rick Daddy's Smokin' Marlin Gourmet Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: While fishing off the coast of Key West near Cuba, we accidentally spiled some of our homemade hot sauce on the lures. When we looked behind the boat the Marlin were on top of the water and their tails were smoking! Try a couple of drops of Rick Daddy’s on your food and your tail might be smikin’ too!

Fresh carrots, water, smoked habanero peppers, onions, cane sugar, distilled vinegar, kosher salt, pineapple juice, garlic, xantham gum and natural spices

Container: To be honest when I first looked at the sauce I barely paid attention to it. I didn’t even know the sauce was by Rick Daddy’s until recently. Nothing stands out too much about the bottle.

Appearance: Brown and thick with tons of specks of pepper.

Smell: Smokey and BBQ-esque with a twinge of sweetness and peppers.

Taste: Heavy BBQ and smokey taste, which is preceded by the sweetness of the cane sugar and pineapple juice, like maple syrup. The pineapple juice is especially good. All that flavor is then followed by a slightly vinegary peppery flavor ultimately ending in a mellow smokey-ness.

Heat: 7.8/10. Relatively hot but not overbearingly so. Noobies have complained about this sauce but us veterans will find it to be a stiff warm breeze on our tongues.

Field Test: Specific application sauce. Don’t be putting this sauce on chili, eggs or Chinese food because on account of the sweetness. This sauce works just like a BBQ sauce but with a broader use. I’ve used this sauce on Mexican food and it works pretty well. The sauce really shines on food that has not already been seasoned because of the strength of the flavor of this sauce.

Final Word: Specific application. If you can find the perfect food to go with this sauce you’re going to make that food even better. I love that pineapple juice. I was surprised by the great taste of this sauce just because the packaging is so unassuming.

Overall: 8.0/10

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