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Review: Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa – Extra Hot

Curts Reserve Salsa
Curts Reserve Salsa
Curts Reserve Salsa







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Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa Extra Hot Anytime I get a salsa in a box to review it will most likely be the first bottle opened, I absolutely love it and was excited to see this in my newest package from nick. The label is nothing fancy, just extra hot special recipe curts salsa on a […]

Posted May 6, 2008 by

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Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa Extra Hot
Curt's Extra Hot Salsa
Anytime I get a salsa in a box to review it will most likely be the first bottle opened, I absolutely love it and was excited to see this in my newest package from nick. The label is nothing fancy, just extra hot special recipe curts salsa on a white label, but still I like it though. I shook it around and the consistency is about the same as a store bought bottle of tostino’s salsa which is thick and chunky but with enough juice in it to easily slosh around in the bottle. I take a closer look and see good size chunks of tomato, medium chunks of onion small chunks of green peppers and lots of seeds.

My favorite way to eat salsa is just on some corn chips, it’s a great snack and works good for a review because I don’t really have any other flavors from the food to interfere with the product being reviewed. I poured some into a bowl to dip my chips better and it smelled and tasted great, it reminded me of the fresh salsa that is often served at Mexican restaurants as an appetizer and made me miss chi chi’s. the spice mix in it is also similar to the Tostitos brand salsa that I used to love but this one has something that Tostitos didn’t, the reason I quit eating Tostitos because it didn’t have and that’s the fresh flavor of it.

It really tastes more like a fresh made salsa than a canned one. The chunks of tomato in this salsa seam to just be filled with juice that bursts open in your mouth when you chomp on them. I finished the jar up quick and was sad when it was gone. I looked up the website and they don’t sell it from the website there is just a list of stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin that sell it, but they do have an email address to contact if you want to buy or sell it yourself. I also didn’t see any info about there other products but I see a bottle of salsa labeled hot on the main page so I know they have at least 2 different salsas. I was kind of hoping for a black bean and corn.

Curt's Extra Hot Salsa
Ingredients: tomatoes, onions, peppers, vinegar, habanero peppers, water, salt, spices, phosphoric acid, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate, sodium metabisulfite (preservative), yellow #5.

Email: info@curtssalsa.com
distributed by Montero distributing inc Stillwater, mn 55082

Flavor: 9/10 I really liked the fresh taste of this salsa, and would recommend it.

Heat: I was a little disappointed in the heat level but it was still a great product. I know that if my wife eats it with me that its not hot and she loved this stuff.

Thickness/ consistency: just right

Overall: 9/10





    Good review Justin. I love the Salsa too! How does Curt’s Salsa compare to FKS and Xero’s.


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    i havent had either. i was offered a sample of the fat kid salsa but never sent in my address. i figure i dont really need a sample anyway cus i already know im ganna love it.


    Nice review as always Justin. This label is the most unimpressive label I have ever seen on a salsa jar. I think it needs a little G8rman makeover. If I saw this jar on a shelf without reading this review or someone else telling me about it, there would be no way I would be buying it. A Farmer’s market? A different story, but in a store with other fancy schmancy jars surrounding it, well no. They say the first 3 rules of business are location, location, location. The 4th one has to be appearance. At least they are from Minnesota, so they must be Vikings’ fans. The next time I am up there I will have to hunt it down at Kroegers.


    [Comment ID #138096 Quote]

    Shoot me an email Justin – i’ll hook you up.

    NIce review…. the ingredients kind of worry me 😯

    “phosphoric acid, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate, sodium metabisulfite (preservative), yellow #5”


    Mmmmm yellow #5, not as good as #4, but still makes me drool.


    [Comment ID #138134 Quote]

    LOL – my daughter is actaully allergic to dyes in food (technically not allegeric, as you cannot be allergic to dyes, but she is “sensitive” and breaks out when they are in the foods she eats)


    [Comment ID #138145 Quote]

    Here’s a thought how about you go @#$% yourself.

    Have a great day


    [Comment ID #138145 Quote]

    Your just piss ed because you where bann ed from HWL . Com


    This is the only place your welcomed.


    [Comment ID #138130 Quote]

    will do, and the about the ingredients, i didnt even read them untill i was typeing them after the review was written. maybe thats why it tasted so fresh. im sure its not worth whatever it does to your health.


    i used to know someone with the same thing, she couldnt eat anything red. i didnt beleive her at first.


    You should be getting a lot of emails on the contest I’m running. lol. Why does your name not lite up anymore? Oh thats right several of your friends told me why.


    [Comment ID #138169 Quote]

    actually curt died and his wife sold the recipe. did i forget to mention that?


    [Comment ID #138169 Quote]

    actually curt died and his wife sold the recipe. did i forget to mention that?


    [Comment ID #138188 Quote]

    double cheaked actually curt and his wife sold it because of illness


    [Comment ID #138178 Quote]



    This is better entertainment than I had in St Loius !!!!

    I like both you guys and hate to see the fighting. I like both blogs and hate to see the rivalry get nasty, fun rivalrys are fun, but nasty is , well, nasty

    Most excellent to the lurkers i bet too, wonder what they are thinkin ???


    [Comment ID #138194 Quote]Someone paid money for it though, and the off topic doesn’t help their product. If they could drop the last 5 ingredients I would try it. If the ingredients are listed in proper order they may not have needed them (depending on PH).


    [Comment ID #138230 Quote]

    This lurker is dumbstruck as usual when this stuff breaks out. We’ve seen much less of it since taste the fear got rolling, and honestly I haven’t missed it.


    Ok start round 2. lock and load lets get ready to rumble
    In the Blue corner we have the BIG fat balding bacon smellin idiot.
    In the red corner we have Little short fat balding no more jerky smellin idiot. COME OUT AND SHAKE YOUR MEAT AND KICK SOME BUTT. Wait for the ring girls to get out Betty Lou and Bubba. Bubba looks good in them overalls. Shit were’s my dog I mean my date.


    WOW!!! I can’t handle all this love and happiness.


    Oh by the Justin, great review as always. Looks like some pretty good salsa.


    [Comment ID #138230 Quote]

    There’s no rivalry. Look at the top commentor’s list on both sites. It’s the same people. 🙄

    [Comment ID #138267 Quote]

    The BS that started here is the reason TTF was born. Didn’t need someone to suggest “get your own blog”.

    [Comment ID #138240 Quote]

    If i didn’t have 2 gallons of FKS on the way, maybe I would try it. 😀

    I actually like the label, it’s simple, easy to read, and to the point. Maybe it could use a little color, but that’s all I would change. But what do I know about labels? 😉

    Nice review Justin.


    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick tock.

    I kinda of like the lable also it has the old whisky resevere look to it.


    [Comment ID #138240 Quote]

    yea, im notsaying thats areason to be off topic and fight, just sharingsome background that i should of shared in the review.


    [Comment ID #138283 Quote]

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick tock.


    [Comment ID #138157 Quote]

    Nice! LOL!


    Well the cowards tried to block me but once again they have failed.

    Tic Tock Tick Tock

    Its funny how “The TRUTARD” can be an idiot and still be here.

    But, it is what it is. I have acheived my goal of being the first one banned from the HSB, but the cowards couldn’t say it to my face……. So here I am avoiding there new system…….LMAO

    Well I guess I will still pop in and cause some @#$# every once in awhile.

    Hey Truth nice try LOLOLOLL


    woo hoo! Go Blane, Go Blane!


    [Comment ID #138343 Quote]

    You’re lucky I’m not on the board.


    [Comment ID #138349 Quote]

    Yea, I’m real lucky there dildo. Lolololl



    I see comment 7 as a joke…. not a poke. I thought it was funny. It was directed at no one. Then the HSB police showed up.

    Nice review Justin!


    [Comment ID #138475 Quote]


    Hold on, you are way off base here pal. First, I never “attacked” you, just simply pointed out that the product you reviewed is no longer available. You will know it if I ever “attack” you. Second, you paint a picture of BLANE being some sort of an innocent and victimized recipient of our negativity. I have never fired the first shot with BLANE. The reality is that I am the one telling him off. He may have been nothing but nice to you, but with me and other on the HSB, it’s quite a different story. Third, it’s not Dildo, it’s Gildo. You accuse me of being negative and then you call me a dildo. Real nice!



    I have a little story about the first time I saw BLANE. Two years ago at the Fiery Foods & BBQ show in Albuquerque, there was a guy walking through the crowded lobby carrying some limited edition hot sauces. Another guy accidentally ran into him and one of the sauces fell and broke. The guy with the now broken hot sauce began belittling the guy who ran into him, calling him names and acting like a real jack @$$. It turns out that guy was BLANE.

    So don’t tell me really a nice person. Nice people don’t act that way and they don’t post the kinds of mean and harassing comments he is well known for. The guy is a prick and he deserves to be banned from this site until he grows up and acts like the adult he’s supposed to be.


    [Comment ID #138481 Quote]

    yea i accuse you of being negative and then call you a dildo. thats because you are negative and like blane i dont see why i shouldnt be negative back.


    [Comment ID #138489 Quote]

    Funny how you didn’t address any of my points, plus you admit to being a hypocrite. Too much!


    [Comment ID #138483 Quote]

    “Like an adult he is supposed to be?” We referring to adult in who’s moral compass? I live in a world where we have many versions, and far be it from me to tell another person how to behave as an adult.

    Now I am sure Blane has his own version of the story you just told, but will we be able to read his version here or should we close the court with only the prosecution having their say? Throw the guy under the bus when he can’t defend himself in the same forum. That isn’t exactly fair Gildo.

    I think all this bickering should stop, but there is so much history here and instead of doing the right think and turning the cheek we pour more fuel onto the fire. I try to live my life with the credo to treat people like I want to be treated. I thank my parents for instilling that in me, but I don’t put those same expectations on anyone else. People have to look themselves in the mirror and if they are proud of how they treated others then that is on them.

    I have preached peace and killing with kindness, but that only works with those that really wants it. If you have nothing good to say about someone, why not keep it to yourself. Justin stated this wasn’t Blane’s fault. Maybe he should have walked away and let TheTruth go off on him. Its not his nature nor is it mine to sit back watch my friend take a hit when he can’t defend himself. Everyone should go to their Blogs and love what they have there and leave the others alone. Lets watch who’s gardens bears the best fruit and who’s withers and dies.


    [Comment ID #138497 Quote]

    Are you kidding me with this? Why is everyone defending BLANE? I didn’t throw him under the bus when he can’t defend himself. He’s more than welcome to respond to my post. I just told what I saw and what a horrible first impression he made. Then he proceeded to support that first impression with his subsequent abuses and harassments on this blog. I’m sorry Budha, but an adult doesn’t post comments like ”

    I guess there only plan is mod eration, well you can’t stay up all night.

    I thought this site was smart with web stuff………. lol

    No one can stop me.”

    No one can stop me? Is he kidding? Does he think he’s some sort of blogger super villain? I’d like nothing more than for all this crap to come to and end also, but until the instigators quit flinging poo, it’s not going to. Have a word with them Buddah, you’re barking up the wrong tree.


    Can’t we all just get along? Sounds like a bunch of 12 year olds on the school playground. He done this and he’s a #$%&*#@. oh yeah well you’re a #$^*(*^%$. Oh yeah, well my dog can whip your dog. Yo momma this your sister that. Let’s just all shut the hell up and get on with life. Geesh, it’s no wonder people have stopped hanging out on this site.


    You all are boring me today NO ACTION YOU ALL ARE PUKES HEHE LOL


    [Comment ID #138483 Quote]

    That’s not the way it happened “Dildo”. I was helping Blane carry his bottles when it broke. It fell because he was carrying more than he should have been. I had offered to get that last box, but he said that he had it. It was just a slip, nobody bumped him. And what he said was “Damn, there goes a $300 bottle!” . In reality, it was maybe a $10 bottle, but everyone in line didn’t know that. The look in everyone’s eyes when they heard ‘$300 bottle” was priceless. Me and Blane laughed about it all the way back up to the room.

    Now I won’t go as far to say that you’re lying, but there wasn’t many times that I saw you that you didn’t have a beer in your hand (as did a lot of folks), so maybe your recollection is a little foggy. But either way it’s not what happened.

    As for what Justin said in Comment #’s 64 & 65, he’s dead on the money. Well said Justin.


    [Comment ID #138492 Quote]

    What point? You don’t have one.

    He just explained why he called you Dildo.

    Tit for tat. Eye for an eye. Makes sense to me.

    I called you Dildo just because. No reason. Sorry if I was mean. I apologize.


    [Comment ID #138499 Quote]

    I think that was the point to start with.

    Look back at who called who what and used what language. Wasn’t Blane. And that’s the truth.


    [Comment ID #138502 Quote]

    Beer or no beer, I saw what I saw and I heard what I heard. Makes sense to me.


    [Comment ID #138498 Quote]

    How can he defend himself if he can’t post a comment? Yea, you make a lot of sense there Gildo.

    [Comment ID #138497 Quote]

    Buddah, well said. Except the part about everyone going to their own blogs. look at the top commentor list on the left.

    Blane (1976)
    the truth (????)

    Oh wait a minute, the truth isn’t in the list. 🙄


    You know, the more I think about it, the more I think it be best I refrain from commenting on this blog. Regardless of how right or wrong or petty or on point people are, it seems to do no good to say anything. Sides get taken, feelings get hurt, poo gets flung, and in the end we’ve only managed to travel in one big circle of negativity with no positive outcome. With that said, I’m walking away now.


    [Comment ID #138507 Quote]

    Bret the DORK is #2 on the list


    [Comment ID #138540 Quote]

    when i wrote my first review i hadnt been apart of hsb for very long, i had commented in the boiler room a few times but never on a post and i really didnt know anyone or anyone else know me. i saw nicks post that they where looking for reviewers and i knew thats what i wanted to do, but figured there wasnt much chance that i would be excepted, i wrote one up anyway and when nick excepted it i was really excited about it, i even told all my friends and famaily only for them to get on and read your comments about how there are no good reviewers on the site and how crappy the review was. i was seriously ready to call it quits untill people like blane, and dk, and sam, and kristi, and ethan, and jim campbell, and yes even gildo (the only person in the list thats not a regular of ttf and probably only standing up for me because you dissed all the reviewers not just me) gave me positive comments and encouragement to stick with it. so you say that the only time you get on here and bitch and act like an a$$hole is when its against people with a bad attitude? your full of $hit!


    Hey…I just noticed my counts do not match either


    DEPRESSING! Todays post by Steve M at least showed how a little contreversy (sp ?) can make a difference.

    Justin, I still got your back. That goes for anyone else who does reviews. If you leave out anything I want to know I’ll ask, respectfully, even if I disagree with the review. It isn’t as easy as it looks. If you think it’s easy let’s see what you’ve got. I look forward to seeing more reviews, and exciting news on new products , recipes, and such.

    If you look back at Justin’s first review he was disrespected and insulted. Look for yourself. I fealt soo bad for him, instead of helping him to do a better job , he was nearly pushed away from doing a service to us all.

    I check out at least 3 blogs every day that are hot sauce related. I look forward to it, everyday. If for some reason ie. camping, out of town, whatever I look forward to catching up on those things I’ve missed. I really hate it when it’s name calling and negativity.


    [Comment ID #138599 Quote]

    Thanks Nick for the statement. It is sorely needed. Let us all respect each other, especially Nick’s review teams which are taking the time to do the reviews and mostly the manufacturers who are donating their product for review. I think it is a diservice to use their thread to throw mud at each other. Peace, not war people!

    I ordered some bumperstickers if anyone wants one. lol


    [Comment ID #138599 Quote]

    Just a note. you have my email, you have my phone number. I’ve received neither an email, or a phone call.

    The BS on this thread started on the 7th. Today is the 10th. Why did it take three days to send those involved an email? You can’t put this all on those involved. There has been a complete breakdown and failure of the moderation on this thread from day one. No immediate emails sent to the offending people to start with, then allowing unfair and biased moderation which consisted of deleted comments, and a ban of only one person involved. Lack of immediate action on your part is the main reason for this thread going over 100 comments. If it would have been nipped in the bud from the beginning, then there would maybe been whet, 15-20 comments? And mostly on topic. And the failure to provide a current and easily accessible off topic area would keep a lot of this stuff out of the main threads.

    So Nick, your comments about not having the time to babysit this site says a lot. It’s not babysitting. It’s called site moderation and it’s part of running an “open to the public” website. Moderation can easily be done in a fair and non abusive manner without taking a lot of time. Yes, it requires time, but so does the normal operation of this site.

    So what’s the status of those involved? Is truth banned as well as Blane? Has Blane’s comment status been reinstated? I don’t think that just an email to them will solve anything here. One of the two actions I just mentioned needs to be taken to make things fair.


    [Comment ID #138540 Quote]

    It sure sounds like you spend alot of time on the TTF


    Truth you said SHIT on the HSB. I thought this was a family place




    DK –
    I did send you an email this morning – to the dug yahoo one. Check it and you’ll see.

    As to why it takes so long to get around to it – number one, I wanted to wait. I wanted to be calm when I approached things. Number two, life gets in the way. Home, work and family all take priority. There are a lot of things that I won’t discuss publicly, but those that are close to me know what’s going on. Laura & I are going through a tough time with a family member right now and that’s #1 for us.

    As for whose banned and who isn’t – that’s between those who I emailed and I. The behind the scenes “dirty” laundry doesn’t need to be aired publicly anymore. Doing so only stokes the fires and involves peripheral parties that need not get involved.


    [Comment ID #138514 Quote]



    [Comment ID #138610 Quote]

    You have my regular email as well Nick. I do not check the yahoo mail that often, so anything sent there may sit for a few days before bing read. Also, I have had issues with not receiving emails from you in the past because you have sent emails there. This is an old issue that you know of. Besides, I checked my yahoo, and there’s no email from you there. If the SPAM folder got it, then it’s gone. All SPAM mail in my yahoo account is deleted without prejudice. Too many emails in there to sort through, so it’s deleted immediatly.

    As for your family problems, those close to you know what’s going on, nobody here does. Or they didn’t, so that’s no excuse. Life happens to all of us. We’re all busy, we all have other things to do besides visit here. Now you stated that you wanted to wait. That says it all right there to me. Due to your inaction, things got out of hand.

    As for who is banned and who isn’t, yes, that’s between you and them. But being unfair and biased in the matter is not right. Allowing truth to post the crap that he does without any consequenses is flat out BS. So you do what you want with the banning thing, but the only RIGHT thing to do is either ban truth as well, or reinstate Blane’s comment status. Anything other than those two options are unfair and wrong.

    With all that said, I’m sorry to hear that things are not well with your family. I mean no disrespect towards that matter. My comments are only about things here on the HSB.


    Dk –
    The only email I have of yours is the one you use to comment – so that’s what I used. You have my email – send me your new addy and I’ll gladly forward what I sent.



    Thanks for taking the time to review our product. It’s unfortunate that many of the other comments do not pertain to the salsa. Throughout the posts there were a few questions and statements about the ingredient list and label. Here are a few quick points about each.

    In addition to the other peppers in the salsa we use a banana pepper that is pickled and the preservatives are ingredients in the brine that they are packed in. So we are not actually adding any of the preservatives that are listed. (ingredient in an ingredient)

    We purchased the recipes to this salsa last September because we were fans of the product and had been buying the product for years. “Curt” and his wife had been making, selling, and distributing the product themselves for years and were selling approximately 80,000 pints a year in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area and in the western portion of Wisconsin near their home. The label they used was nothing more than a black and white Avery nametag label so our decision to leave the label black and white was done so to maintain the brand identity in the existing stores. As for stacking up against “fancy schmancy” brands you would be surprised as to how well your eye gravitates to a black and white label with the salsa as a backdrop in a sea of colored labels. We’re not opposed to changing the label at some point if need be but for now it suits our needs and customers immediately identified it as Curt’s Salsa when it returned to store shelves after being gone for nearly 6 months. Anyway, I’m sure everyone is bored with the story.

    Again, Justin, I appreciate the review which is what I was hoping for by submitting the salsa. As for everything else that has taken place, I am not a regular so I’m not sure if this usually takes place, but I don’t see how it can benefit anybody’s product when it happens. I doubt I’ll be directing people to the review which is unfortunate, because I’m happy with what you wrote. Good luck on future reviews.

    If you’re in Minnesota look for the black and white label!




    [Comment ID #138851 Quote]

    i like the label and wouldnt change it. i also liked the salsa and hearing that most of the last 5 ingredients are small amounts in another ingredient makes me feel better about buying more. about not refering anyone to the review because of all the bs in the comments, i dont see why not. none of the comments are negative towards the product, people will probably read a couple and get bored with it. at least they would get to see the review and read how much i enjoyed the product still. thanks for stoping in to answer questions even though it probably took you 2 hours to filter em out.

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