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Saskatchewan’s First UBK Killer Wing Eating Death Match

Saskatchewan’s First UBK Killer Wing Eating Death Match

The rumors are true, Uncle Big will be unleashing his unbridled fury on Saskatchewan with the 1st Annual UBK Serial Killer Wing Death Match!


November 10th, 2007 at 7:30
Pocket’s Sports Bar, Yorkton, Saskatchewan
366 Broadway Street West

What’s a Death Match?
The task is simple. Eat 10 chicken wings in 4 minutes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, when they are coated in the most hellciously hot sauce (but still tasty) made in the entire country, that may be a tall order for most.
So you’ve eaten the wings, now what? You’ll see, you’ll see. Click on the rules and regulations below to see what you’re really getting yourselves into or got to unclebig.com/deathmatch for all the details.

What’s at stake?
Pride for the most part. The undisputed winner of the event will go home with Uncle Big’s Legion of Pain Death Match Gear and of course bragging rights for enduring the challenge.
These items are not available for purchase and can only be WON at this event.
This is a very rare prize giving it’s recipient undisputed bragging rights for having a mouth of steel and a cast iron digestive system!

If you think you have the testicular, or ovarian fortitude for that matter (ladies are encouraged to compete), to join the elite ranks of Uncle Big’s Legion of Pain by going 5 minutes with the Serial Killer, BRING IT ON!!

There will be drink specials and other prizes provided by the wonderful folks at Pockets Sports Bar.

Uncle Big would like to give a special thanks to Shayne from Big Zee’s Pizza for helping to bring the Legion of Pain to Yorkton!

Let’s show Canada that Yorkton is the hottest city in the country by taking on the hottest sauce made in Canada, Uncle Big’s Serial Killer Private Reserve!

Interested in hosting your own UBK Killer Wing Death Match?
Drop Uncle Big a line…unclebig@unclebig.com

Rules & Regulations

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