Posted February 7, 2008 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

Say Hello To My Little Friend: The Spice Gun

Spice gun

Just spotted this nifty device on Geekologie – I don’t think the designers have ever heard of chileheads when they designed this – because with some habanero or naga powder, these suckers could get nasty!

The spice gun, designed by Zhu Fei, holds three different spices and will blast them onto your food.

The Spice Gun is different from the other casters, it has more fun! When you pull the trigger it compresses the air in the air bag. The handspike will push the bottom of the seasoning bottle to make the nozzle in the turntable retract and spray the seasoning.

No word yet on if it’s actually for sale or just a proto-type.

Nick Lindauer

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