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Scotty B’s – Gourmet Just Damn Good Habanero Hot Sauce

Just Damn Good BottleBottle Description: XXX Hot!! Feel the Burn

Ingredients: Tomatoes, red habanero peppers, yellow onion, water, lemon juice, distilled vinegar, garlic, sea salt, spices, cornstarch

Container: Something draws me to Scott B’s sauces. Not sure what it is. The graphics are simple but still effective. I guess I like the simple. In a market where dozens of sauces have gimmicks like fake rubber snakes or toilets its nice to see a sauce that doesn’t use all its label space trying to brag. I think this is the 12 oz. bottle but the label says 5 oz, I’m not griping…just saying is all.

Appearance: A salsa puree look with chunks and pepper floating merrily about. You can taste this sauce just by looking at it.

Smell: First you get an aroma not unlike salsa, tomatoes, then a strong onion smell. Finally to top it off the habaneros come in to carry your nose off to a magical wonderland. Are there unicorns? I’m sure there are.

Inside - Just Damn Good

Consistency: This is the pour I’m looking for. I’ve got total control over how much or how little because it pours slowly but not BBQ sauce slow. It’s at a consistency where it can go on anything and you won’t have to worry about it getting everywhere.

Taste: This sauce introduces to its flavor on a learning curve. First the sweet tomatoes, which did not make a strong impression on me the first time I tasted is only a small part to the whole. Next a mix of garlic, onions and salt. And that is pretty much where it stops. Not a lot of pepper flavor, it’s there but you’d have to go looking for it. One of the best parts about this sauce is that there is no vinegar taste, none, zilch. Had I tasted it blindfolded I would have guessed that it was blended an hour ago.

Heat: (8.8/10) It brings the heat. I often take swigs of this every time I pass by the fridge and every time I’m sucking in air like a dying fish to cool my tongue off.

Field Test: It’s a salsa sauce essentially so it does have its limitations but seems to overcome its limitations more easily than its peers. Usually I would hesitate to add a salsa sauce on my brown rice but this Scotty B sauce works perfectly. Go to Taco Bell or Del Taco when you get this sauce and grab 5 or 6 of the cheapest items on the menu. This brings the food into a while other league of taste.

Final Word: This sauce has gone FAST. I’ve had maybe 3 meals with this sauce because I’m almost trying to suffocate my food in it. I can’t understand how Scotty B’s could sell this sauce in a 5 oz. bottle (that’s about a meal and a half worth of sauce). After trying this you’ll realize how familiar the taste is but Scotty B’s gets it just right.

Overall: 9.7/10. A classic sauce. This is one you can give a permanent spot in your fridge for.

Just Damn Good Hot Sauce
3rd place WINNER at the 10th Annual Zestfest Fiery Foods Challenge: XXX Hot category! For all of you “Chili Heads” this is for you! Our “Just Damn Good Hot Sauce” is tied with “Devil’s Drool” for our current hottest sauce on the market. This tomato and onion based habanero sauce sauce is packed with extreme heat directly from genuine habanero’s. We use no pepper extracts, only the “the real deal!” “Just Damn Good Hot Sauce” is just that, with an unbeatable habanero flavor and an orgasmic kick. Please let us know how you like it, and if you’re fortunate enough to try both sauces, let us know which you think is the hottest.