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Sizzlin' Cooking Demos

/24-7PressRelease/ – CONWAY, NH, November 06, 2005 – Chef Bud Selmi president of Sizzlin Sauces LLC, is now making public appearances, doing live cooking demo’s utilizing his lineup of original recipe Hot Sauces Spittin Fire, Howlin Hollar and Creepin Quag. His most recent appearance was at Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire on October 22nd. His next scheduled public appearance is also at Zeb’s General Store on November 27th. For more information on scheduling cooking demo’s at your location, contact Chef Bud at his web site Sizzlin Sauces LLC or

Some recent comments on our Original Recipe Hot Sauces:
Hey Chef Bud, I am a huge hot sauce fan! Right when I got home after meeting with you, I made a pot of spaghetti and poured on some of your Creepin’ Quag …I love it! It’s got a unique taste, good bite and a sweet hint. I was skeptical at first …but the taste is right from the hot sauce God’s! The sauce gets better every time I have it. I’ve been trying it on everything: beans and franks, coleslaw – yes coleslaw, and I discovered mixing the hot sauce with sour cream creates a nice dipping/topping sauce on your favorite Mexican dish – try it! Nice web site too! I’m interested in purchasing some other flavors soon. Keep makin’ sauce,
Aaron Rasmussen
Berlin, NH

Chef Bud,
Just want to thank you for the great service and great sauce. I find habaneros to be uniquely flavorful as well as hot, and your sauce is one of the few that takes full advantage of the flavor component. Although the tastes are quite different, Spittin Fire goes on the top shelf right next to Lottie’s as my favorites. I’ll be back for more, and at the rate I am consuming Spittin Fire it won’t be long.
Thanks again. Hope you have the degree of success you want with your products.
Jack Ainsworth

Chef Bud,
I’ve been tasting and using a different variety of hot sauces for business and home for over 20 years. I have 8-10 different bottles of sauce in the fridge or cupboard right now! The first time I tasted the Spittin’ Fire the thing I noticed was the flavor and then the heat came on pretty strong but not too bad. Then I got my hands on a bottle of _Creepin’ Quag!!_ This has pushed all the other sauces to the back seat. The Cranberry Flavor is just the right amount. This stuff is so good that I eat it on almost everything. Pizza, steak, chicken, fish, soups, you name it. I could probably eat this stuff for breakfast!! Keep on makin’ it cause I don’t wanna run out!

Five Star Reviews says of Sizzlin Sauces, “When Bud makes a hot sauce; it isn’t for the tame at heart. These kickin’ spitting fire hot sauces will clear the sinus passages and jump start every artery in your body. The newest item is the Howlin Hollar – just like the famous saying ‘grown in the Hollar by the old oak tree.'” Five Star’s Michael Tobin calls Howlin Hollar a “fiery delight” that provides “a nice hot spice, with an added element of sweet fruit – a combination perfecto!”

Hans Lienesch Saucerater recently wrote of Howlin Hollar: “What can I say about this fabulous elixir? This stuff is like the best candy in the world! Very unique and very good!!!
5 Pepper Rating.”

Sizzlin Sauces LLC has been producing our line of original recipe hot sauces featuring habanero peppers since 2003: Spittin Fire, Spittin Fire Medium, Spittin Fire XXX, Howlin Hollar, Howlin Hollar Medium, Creepin Quag and Creepin Quag Medium. Spittin’ Fire Hot Sauces are available locally at Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire – or at Sherman Farms in East Conway, New Hampshire, Lower Village Market 1166 NH Route 175 Campton, New Hampshire
and in over 15 area restaurants.

Spittin Fire Hot Sauce is also featured at Margarita Grill ( Southwestern grill and Cantina) in Glen New Hampshire, as well as Flatbread-Pizza and The Chef’s Market both located in downtown North Conway, New Hampshire. For more information about Hot Sauce by Sizzlin Sauces and where to get a taste of their unique product line, visit the company online at Hot Sauce by Sizzlin Sauces LLC , or call (603) 447-3456 or (603) – 370-0585

Sizzlin Sauces LLC, featuring original recipe Hot Sauces. For further information, please contact us at or 603-447-3456.

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