Posted August 15, 2013 by Anthony in Bloggers

Slap You Silly – Sofa King Hot Sauce

Slap You Silly - Sofa King Hot SauceThis is the kind of sauce that my favorite ESPN radio personality would call the wacky fm DJ. From the label (crazy/bum looking guy with a crown on his head sitting on a sofa) to some of the spellings, it just makes perfect sense. So, I really hope this sauce is actually good or maybe even great. In all honestly it just comes across as, well, silly (pun intended). I believe that every hot sauce on the market has its place in the industry; someone has poured his or her heart into the product, so why shouldn’t it have a place? I see people all the time in stores getting a real laugh from sauce names and buy some of these very products. Personally, I don’t ever remember buying or trying any of these wacky products. So, pretty sure this will be my first.


Water, Tomato Juice (Tomato, Salt) White Vinegar, Jalokia Pepper [sic] Habanero Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Kosher Salt, Ancho, Onion powder, Spices, Lime juice Concentrate




In the O.M.G. hot sauce review I mentioned that I was surprised that they didn’t have one of those drip top things for that sauce. I also mentioned how annoyed I get when they are on a non-extract sauce. Well, this has one of those tops on it. Now that I popped it off I can officially move on.  This smells really good! The smell of tomato, peppers and lime come through. This has a fairly thin consistency…okay, it is VERY thin, so be careful, or just leave that drop top thing on. When I try this on its own, it’s rather balanced and honestly pretty solid! I get the tomato, salt and the Ancho that gives this sauce a slight smoky flavor, then the heat from the Habanero and Jolokia kicks into high gear. When I took this sauce with me to a restaurant, both my wife and the waitress were nearly blown away when I dumped it on my fries because of “how hot it smelled.” This sauce worked very well with spaghetti, surprisingly pretty good on steak, and worked well with pizza too. Mixed with ketchup it was, well, so-so; I felt like the smokiness stood out a little too much here. Despite all of the wackiness from the label, title, and the spelling of Jolokia, I give this a Nice for Flavor and Madness for heat.