Posted August 1, 2013 by Anthony in Bloggers

SliverLeaf – Marinated Bread and Butter Garlic with Ghost Peppers

Silverleaf - Marinated Bread and Butter Garlic with Ghost PeppersEvery time I receive a box of goodies I am almost like a kid on Christmas Day! I am so excited to see what surprises await me and for the first time so far I was stopped in my excited tracks when I saw this product. You name the reaction I had it: dumbfounded, perplexed, and confused were definitely the first to come to mind. Take a deep breath and read the suggestions for use from the label: Salad, Martinis, and Bloody Marys. Hmmm, well me and liquor don’t get along very well, so naturally those were thrown out. For the first time I am completely stumped as to what the hell I will do with this product. On top of all this I am not the biggest fan of bread and butter pickles. What in the sand hill am I going to do with this!?


Fresh Garlic, Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia Peppers) Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Fresh Ginger, Onions, Red Sweet Peppers, Salt and Spices




One thing is for sure it smells like bread and butter garlic. No doubt about it. By looking at the cloves in the jar I wasn’t exactly sure if the garlic would be soft or still kinda hard…it’s in-between both. By itself you can taste all the ingredients, but the heat is not as killer as one might think. Now the hard part is that I STILL don’t know what the hell am I gonna use this in! After a little poking around and asking some people for a couple of ideas, it got me thinking that I was gonna have to get a little creative with this product. One of the suggestions I received was slicing cucumbers with onions pouring a little of the marinade in it. I also added the garlic (of course) and about another tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The heat wasn’t overpowering again. I gave some to my wife to make sure I am not crazy here thinking this doesn’t have much heat. She ate some, then when I showed her what I used she said, “Not bad”. For those who don’t know my wife, she likes a little heat – not very much, though. So far I am not crazy! For the complete opposite approach, I cooked a chicken breast deglazed with a little white wine and little of the marinade added a lot of gloves and tossed pasta with it. Now this showed off some of the heat but still not a killer. This does work really well in salads as well. So for heat I am actually going to give this a very high Medium. After so much agonizing over this product, the flavor is Nice. This would be the perfect product for someone who loves garlic but might be too afraid of eating anything that has the ghost pepper in it.