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SLOW FIRE – The Beginner’s Guide to Barbecue

SLOW FIRE - by Ray "Dr. BBQ" LampeThere is a new wave of BBQ coming to the UK, for some of luck enough to have tasted this kind of BBQ in our travels we know this has been a long time coming.

Slow Cooked BBQ is a art form in the South of the USA and Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe has been making competition BBQ since 1982, in 2000 he tuned his hobby in to a profession, he has appeared on TV and Radio programs (Including the BBC) and has now completed it sixth book, which for me is the one I always wanted.

I have a number of BBQ grills and one very large and heavy offset wood burning smoker, but I have to admit I just don’t know how to get the best results out of it.

Well this book covers the tools and basic techniques you need to get started, it covers all the types of smokers & BBQ’s  you are going to see, there benefits and uses.

Sauces and Spicy BBQ rubs are a big part this kind of BBQ and Ray gives you a selection of then that covers what you will need while learning.

Then we are on to recipe sections, starting with one of my favourites Ribs, followed by Pork. Beef, Birds and then anything that did not fit these categories.

Now no BBQ is complete with out some side dishes and Ray gives us a selection of tasty ones you wont find at many UK BBQ’s.

I think it will take me the next couple of years to experiment with the recipes in this book, I have my eyes on a few new toys to play with, like a pellet smoker, or a nice Big Green Egg ceramic smoker.

I think this is the best slow cook BBQ book I have come across, it is an idea starting point for someone like me who wants to learn how to do this properly.

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