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Smuggler's Run Fire Island Pirate Hot Sauce

2005 Scovie Award Winner

Very rarely does the ingredient list of a hot sauce make me go hmmm… ~ 70% of the hot sauces on the market have the same 3 ingredients: peppers, vinegar and salt. Without reading the ingredient list on Smuggler’s Run Fire Island Pirate Hot Sauce, I knew it was going to be different – the flavor of the sauce is very visible. Take a look for yourself:

Close Up: Fire Island Hot Sauce
In the bottle you can see clear pieces of pepper, garlic and bits of dill. Yes, Dill. Something I’ve never before came across in a hot sauce and wouldn’t mind seeing again. I’m not sure if the Smuggler’s Run sauce makes the dill taste good or the dill makes the hot sauce taste good, but the combination of the two is spot on. The sauce isn’t freakishly hot, I’ve taken more then a few swigs of it straight from the bottle with pleasant results.

The vinegar base really helps the spices in the sauce get to your tastebuds and your food. Recommended for chileheads who love to see what’s in thier sauce and anyone else looking for a fairly hot vinegar based hot sauce with lots of flavor.
3.5 out of 5 stars

Little bit of history from the pirate’s mouth:
We started in 1999 with just one product and one idea. Our premier product was “Fire Island” Pirate Hot Sauce and the original concept was to create a product that was hot as Hades. It still let you taste what you put it on, it was to compliment the food with heat! From public reaction we succeeded, but still we saw many people leaving our table empty handed.

The new millennium bought hopes and promise to the world and to our customer with a tamer palette. We introduced “Neptune’s Fist” White Grilling Sauce and “Scurvy Dog” Chile/Lime BBQ Sauce to our offering and saw the difference almost immediately. Sales were brisk and we got busy in the kitchen. The following years brought many successes and yet another sauce to the line up. “Jolie Rouge” Chipotle Creme. We owe so much to our friends and family that have helped us grow these past years. At this point we had altered our initial concept that anything we make will be unique, creative, and versatile. We continue to expand the product line and to grow the company to suit our customer’s needs.

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