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Sonoran Spice Company’s Ghost Pepper Flakes

Sonoran Spice Ghost FlakesI’ve ordered products from Sonoran Spice Company on two occasions, and have been pleased both times. For the most part their products are as described, reasonably priced, and are shipped and received in a timely manner, and their Ghost Pepper Flakes were no exception. As far as the flakes themselves are concerned, they’re significantly hot, have a nice earthy, slightly fruity flavor, and are convenient to have on hand for cooking. They are also grown and produced in the Assam region of India, which is where the Ghost Pepper, a.k.a. the Bhut Jolokia, originally comes from. While hot and pleasantly flavored, Sonoran Spice’s Ghost Flakes are not very consistent in size, and so are a bit unwieldy as compared to the kind of crushed red pepper flakes one typically finds at the pizza parlor. These are more like dried Ghost Peppers which have been torn into various size pieces by hand, with the majority of the flakes not being a workable size to fit through the shaker top provided with the bottle. Even so, this is a relatively minor issue which does nothing to diminish the fact they’re a perfect complement to all kinds of dishes; especially Indian-inspired dishes. Certainly, Ghost Peppers are a natural fit for curry, and since I had some prepared rice already on hand, I decided to whip up some Ghost Pepper-infused curry rice…with delicious results.

Size of flakes are widely variable, rendering the shaker cap mostly ineffective.

Size of flakes are widely variable, rendering the shaker cap mostly ineffective.

Curry connoisseurs will probably want to create their own from scratch, but for time and convenience I chose a decent quality, store-bought curry (I like McCormick’s Gourmet Collection: Hot Madras Curry Powder blend). I usually guesstimate, and adjust to taste as I go, so times and measurements in this “recipe” are approximate and simply a general guide–Prepare rice according to directions (I like jasmine rice), set aside. Sauté a ¼ cup finely chopped white onions, 2-3 minced garlic cloves and about ½ to 1 loose tablespoon Ghost pepper flakes (adjust accordingly to your desired heat level) in about 1-2 tablespoons of good quality EVOO or canola. Sauté on medium-low heat until onions are translucent and garlic lightly browned (I usually start with the onions first, giving them a 1 to 2 minute head start, and then add the garlic so both will finish cooking about the same time. It’s very important to watch this part carefully so that the garlic doesn’t burn.) Add in 2 tablespoons of curry powder, reduce heat to low and continue cooking for about another minute, being careful not to scorch curry mixture. Then, add in about 1-2 cups of the prepared rice and thoroughly combine with curry. Serve with chicken, pork, shrimp or scrambled eggs, and garnish with cilantro (optional). Whatever your preference, Sonoran Spice Company’s Ghost Pepper Flakes are tremendously versatile, and will instantly crank up the heat of any dish they’re added to. And, be sure to check out for this and other products and recipe suggestions. (They also currently offer two free whole Ghost Peppers with the purchase of Ghost Pepper Flakes :-D )

Although a little unwieldy in some applications, Sonoran Spice's Ghost Pepper flakes are perfect for all  kinds of cooking; especially Indian-inspired dishes.

Although a bit unwieldy in some applications, Sonoran Spice Company’s Ghost Pepper Flakes are perfect for all kinds of cooking; especially Indian dishes.

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