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South Devon Chilli Farm – Ring of Fire

South Devon Chilli Farm - Ring Of FireThe South Devon Chilli Farm is the first Chilli Farm I ever visited while I was still getting into the Chilli scene. This was in their early days before the development of a second site. So on to the sauce, this time it’s their Ring of Fire Chilli Sauce. I took great interest in this sauce when I unpacked it from the box as I am growing the Ring of Fire Chilli for the first time this year.

This sauce comes in their standard 100ml bottle size, a little smaller than the average but that’s often the case with a higher percentage chilli content, and this sauce is 60% Chilli.

The label is simple, clear carrying the company’s logo and usual information.

The heat rating however is not obvious, it is quite small and hidden at the bottom of the extra information part of the label, not a problem to someone who can take the heat but could mean someone trying this who isn’t used to hot foods.

Looking past the label, the sauce is a green colour which is a nice change from the usual reds/oranges. Once the cap is removed I am immediately hit by the lemon juice and vinegar and then the chilli.

Ingredients: Fresh Ring of Fire Chillies 60%,Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Salt

Bottle kindly supplied by South Devon Chilli Farm

So on to the tasting, the sauce pours well and has some texture to it, it has seeds in it and some red flecks so I am assuming that the majority of the sauce is made with unripe pods and a few ripe red ones are put in to add some colour (and a little extra heat)

There is an immediate citrus taste, followed by the heat of the chillies and the inevitable vinegar. The heat then takes over and is not uncomfortable and leaves a lasting burn on the tongue.

Overall this is a great little sauce, some might be put off by the colour but it makes a refreshing change, and at £3.57 is fairly standard for a 100ml bottle.



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