Posted August 19, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Spam Emails

If you’ve recieved a spam email from an @hotsauceblog.com address, believe me, it’s not coming from us. There are only two valid @hotsauceblog.com email addresses and dawnmariestepaniake204 ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com is not one of them.
Nor are:
yling1478b ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com
wrenettialamoureuxb1a35 ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com
cyndaboston4c4 ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com
bealsullenbergerf8f72 ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com

Just delete the messages if you’ve recieved them. I’m not sending anything related to “stuffing” unless it’s Thanksgiving time and involves several habanero peppers.

Looks like the spam emails have been stopped. – 8/22/05

Nick Lindauer

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