Posted May 31, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

Sparx Cookies Review Redux

I wanted to do a post follow up on the Sparx Cookie review, since I had also bought the Jalapeno Peanut Butter Sparx Cookies.

The peanut butter jalepeno cookies really intrigued me since, well hey, it’s peanut butter which is one of my four favorite food groups. But sadly, these cookies were not right. They were just plain wrong! Who would do that and intentionally call it food? Seriously took me back to the childhood days of eating Duke’s kibble. Same texture and smell, which never bodes well for a cookie. And the taste was just like it smelled, nowhere close to peanut butter and jalapeno.

But I still really want to like these cookies. The concept is perfect, heat and sweet. My mouth waters at the idea of a cookie that combines the two. I think I’ll hold out for a free sample before I try the Sparx Cookies again. Maybe they’ll be at the Fancy Foods Show in July.

You can buy them online here:

Just don’t let the bag get old.

Nick Lindauer

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